Layoffs hit two dozen staffers at Tucker Rocky

Powersports Business has learned that Tucker Rocky Distributing in recent weeks has relieved about two dozen staffers of their duties. Among those let go:

  • Phil Davy, senior director of apparel brands
  • Chris Gomersall, video producer
  • Jennifer Robison, visual merchandising specialist

Tucker Rocky also recently decided to close its warehouse operations in Oregon and Colorado.

In October, Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice announced the hiring of Eric Cagle as president. He replaced Dan Courtney, who had been president and CEO of Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice from 2012 until February of this year.

Were you part of the layoffs and looking to land elsewhere in the industry? Simply put a note in the comments box.

— Dave McMahon


  1. Well it's true. I was a part of that cut, "position eliminated". I was with TR for over 11 yrs as a successful outside sales rep and then relocated to Ft Worth to be part of the e-business group. Time for a new challenge!

  2. Yup, I was laid off too. I was part of the Helmet & Apparel team and supported all the reps in my region. After over two decades in retail powersports management,I had found my dream job. With the help of a great team of reps, I was able to improve our sales numbers from last (23rd in the company) to 5th, with over 30% growth in a down market. Tucker was a great place to work, but unfortunately I got swept up in the cutbacks. Finding work in this side of the industry, at this time of the year, has not been easy, but I'm confident I will find my another dream job.

  3. Me, too! Freelancing now but looking for a place to contribute.

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