BRP: Arctic Cat patent infringement lawsuit decision ‘unfounded,’ will appeal


News release

BRP Inc. (TSX:DOO) today announced that the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Florida has rendered its decision with respect to one of its U.S. patent infringement lawsuits opposing one of its competitors.

The Court's judgment formalizes the prior jury verdict of June 1, 2016, which held the Company liable for US$15.5 million (CA$19.5 million) in compensatory damages and in addition awarded treble damages of US$31.2 million. Following the Court's decision today, the Company is now exposed to damages totalling US$46.7 million (CA$60 million) in relation to this lawsuit.

The Company believes this decision is unfounded and intends to file an appeal.

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  1. Please keep us updated on this one. Very interesting news.

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