Mets player’s custom Slingshot nets media attention

New York Mets player Yoenis Cespedes has made headlines after he showed up to spring training in a custom Polaris Slingshot on Tuesday.

ESPN senior writer Darren Rovell quoted Alex Vega, the man who customized the Slingshot, who said, “Cespedes paid about $68,000 for the entire thing, including the Slingshot and the customizing job.”

Vega repainted the entire bike, installed custom seats made out of carbon-fiber leather and added a custom-made 12-speaker sound system, among other improvements. To read ESPN’s coverage, click here.

Fox Sports also shared several tweets of Cespedes’ new ride. Cespedes chose to park his expensive Slingshot far enough away from the practice field to avoid any damage from baseballs. To see all the coverage from Fox Sports, click here.

There’s no doubt that Cepedes’ teammates and others were quite impressed, with several voicing their approval in the Newsday article. The Slingshot features Cespedes’ No. 52 painted on the hood and a red and black theme. To read the full article, click here.

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