KTM makes pair of new hires

KTM North America, Inc. announced a pair of employment transactions in January, with Florian Burguet promoted to vice president of marketing and John Porter named sales, planning, ordering & administration manager.

The marketing position is one of the new management functions recently created by KTM at its North American headquarters as the company continues its expansion.

“We feel this is the perfect timing for Florian to join our U.S. team and help grow our brand through current and new marketing ideas,” KTM North America president

Jon-Erik Burleson said. “As the leader of our marketing efforts he will ensure our brand equity continues to strengthen in the eye of the consumer and is aligned with our innovative new product and supportive racing results.”

Burguet is not a stranger to the KTM brand. He previously worked at the KTM Canadian subsidiary for more than four years as the lead behind all KTM Canada marketing activities. Burguet became general manager of KTM Canada in 2010. Under his leadership, with a focus on staff development, business optimization and motocross share gains, KTM Canada became one of the best performing subsidiaries of KTM worldwide.

Florian Burguet

Burguet has recently moved from his home in Canada to KTM’s western U.S. headquarters, where he will maintain his role as general manager for KTM Canada as well as begin his duties as vice president of marketing.

“KTM is a unique company that offers multiple career and friendship opportunities. Moving across country and working closer with the U.S. team, particularly in marketing, is an exciting challenge at a very interesting time for KTM North America. Our brand is strong, our products are benchmarking and our team is extremely engaged in the ongoing development of our relationships with our consumers. I am looking forward to more ‘Ready to Race’ days in 2013 and beyond.”

John Porter

Later in the month, Porter joined the executive team, bring 30 years of industry experience, from dealership workshops to motorsports boardrooms in Japan and Europe.

“It’s a very exciting time to be joining KTM, a pioneering time, for not only new products, but also for a new level of excellence in dealer and customer service,” Porter said. “I am so eager to contribute my efforts to those of the all-star crew at KTM North America.”


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