ADP Lightspeed offers new loyalty rewards program

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ADP Lightspeed has introduced a new product called Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards that will help dealerships develop long-term relationships with their customers and capture repeat business in every department.

Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards is a cardless, points-based rewards program that allows a dealer to distribute points to customers for sales, service, accessory, and parts purchases. Dealers can also award points for participation in events and owner groups.

Customers may redeem those points by logging into their Rewards Account and either printing a gift certificate or sending the certificate to a mobile device. On a mobile device, the dealer can easily scan a barcode displayed on the screen of their phone or tablet.

“Our new loyalty program is huge for dealerships. Lightspeed Loyalty rewards will bring back customers to the dealership and turn them into repeat customers,” said Greg Smith, General Manager of ADP Lightspeed. “The program is completely integrated with Lightspeed and requires very little training to get started. This is a big win for our dealers in capturing repeat business.” Smith continued stating, “Gone are the days where dealers give discounts to customers they’ll never see again. Our product builds loyalty and encourages customers to visit often.”

The back-end reporting tool inside Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards give dealers the power to manage points, view balances, and create special events and promotions. Dealers can assign certain products or services to deliver 2x, 3x, or 4x points to the customer.

The program is customized by the dealer for their customer. Full Lightspeed integration means that point balances are updated and customers are notified with every transaction, automatically.

“We are extremely excited to offer this to our dealers,” said Laurn Rice, VP of Sales at ADP Lightspeed. “We saw a need in the market for a cardless, integrated loyalty product and we found the solution with Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards.”

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  1. Sounds great, I hope as it should be this is included in my monthly ADP lightspeed subscription price! If not then ADP should work on the “glitches” it has now that I deal with on a daily bases, or put their resources toward better educated tech line personnel

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