Injunction issued in Paisano’s favor

Paisano Publications, owner and publisher of Easyriders Magazine, announced that the U.S. Federal District Court on Friday issued a preliminary injunction in favor of Paisano and against the owners of the Easyriders Saloon in Sturgis, S.D.

The Saloon owners had attempted to change the name of the Saloon, but the court found that they were contractually obligated to retain the name “Easyriders Saloon” throughout the pendency of the litigation between the parties.

“We are grateful the court recognized our position in the lawsuit and that the Easyriders name will again be prominent for the 2012 Sturgis Rally,” said Joe Teresi, the owner of Paisano who founded the Easyriders franchise more than 40 years ago. “We are hopeful that this ruling will allow Easyriders and the owners of the Easyriders Saloon to move forward together to continue to make the Easyriders Saloon the best spot in town to enjoy the Rally.  I look forward to seeing everyone else who is attending.”

Read the entire ruling here.

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