Boisjoli hints at IPO in interview

BRP Inc. CEO Joe Boisjoli told a Canadian newspaper that BRP is again considering taking the company public.

He told the Ontario-based Financial Post that BRP’s owners have a “horizon of two to five years” to monetize their investment. That would likely happen through an initial public offering.

Bain Capital, which owns a 50 percent stake in the company, has held BRP with its partners for eight years. It owned the majority share of Montreal discount retailer Dollarama Inc. for five years before taking it public. Boisjoli told the Financial Post that Bain said it would give him six-months notice before a BRP public offering.

BRP had previously sought an IPO in 2008, but those plans were sidelined when the recession hit.

To read the full story in the Financial Post, click here.

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