Piaggio Group celebrates 130th anniversary

The Piaggio Group celebrated its 130th anniversary on March 31 with an event at the Vetra Theatre in Milan, attended by chairman and CEO Roberto Colaninno. The celebration was packed with significant moments and offered a window into the future of today’s leading European player in light mobility. Those present included Jeffrey Schnapp, author of the book “FuturPiaggio” and AD of Piaggio Fast Forward, and Stefano Belisari, aka Elio, the front man of Elio e le Storie Tese who has always had a passion for classic Piaggio vehicles.

Since the company was established in the second half of the 19th century, its history has been interwoven with the extraordinary economic, civil and cultural growth of Italy and Europe. With the creation of the Vespa scooter, and having designed and produced a wide variety of cargo and passenger vehicles, Piaggio has become a worldwide symbol of Italian industry, revolutionizing the concept of mobility.

Roberto Colaninno, chairman and CEO of the Piaggio Group, celebrated the brand’s 130th anniversary in Milan.


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