Nolan Group implements MAP policy

Nolan Group has implemented a MAP policy that became effective June 30.

Due to the innovative nature of Nolan’s products, it is often necessary for authorized retailers and their sales associates to commit significant time and resources toward learning and supporting its products. As such, Nolan offers its products to authorized retailers at a cost/price structure that the company believes fosters the profitability necessary to fund the aforementioned activities. Therefore, it is the purpose of this MAP policy to support its mutually beneficial cost/price structure and to maintain a level playing field for all authorized retailers, regardless of size and purchasing power.

MAP policy refers only to the price that an authorized retailer chooses to advertise in print, direct mailing and emailing, radio, Internet, telephone, FAX and all other forms of pricing advertisement — not to the price at which an authorized retailer actually sells our products.

Contact your distributor for complete information, or contact Nolan directly at: 866-2helmet or 

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