Heat Demon products get 5-year warranty

Symtec, Inc., which specializes in heated grips, seats and apparel for motorsports riders under its Heat Demon brand, has implemented a five-year warranty for its products.

While the highest engineering standards are used in creating the heated products, the five-year warranty further backs the high quality and efficiency that Symtec, Inc. holds imperative. The warranty will be a standard for the heated grips, seats and apparel, while excluding battery packs. The warranty will cover all manufacturing defects; normal wear and tear in grips from use is excluded.

“We’re very excited to offer more value to our customers by extending our basic warranty to five years,” said Riley Harlan, president of Heat Demon. “All of our heated products are designed by riders, for riders. When you install a Heat Demon product, whether it’s on an ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile, it’s because you ride in all weather. All of our products are built with that in mind. We design our products to be the best in the market, and now we guarantee it.”


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