Retail-based eCommerce boosts overall sales: survey

More than 200 branded manufacturers and 1,300 retailers answered Shopatron surveys to determine the effectiveness of retail-integrated eCommerce, and the results shows that 73 percent of the brands surveyed stated that retail-integrated eCommerce increased their overall sales — both online and in stores.

A retail-integrated eCommerce model allows branded manufacturers to sell directly to consumers on their websites and then pass those orders to their authorized, local retailers for delivery to the customer. According to the survey results, the model strengthens retailer relationships, boosts retailer stocking and increases sales. More than 50 percent of surveyed branded manufacturers said their online sales increased since launching retail-integrated eCommerce, with 10 percent noting their online sales more than doubled.

More than 65 percent of retailers responding to the survey noted that retail-integrated eCommerce increased store profit or improved customer acquisition, with 23 percent claiming that it increased both. Additionally, 59 percent of retailers noted that they increased stocking of brands that send them sales through retail-integrated eCommerce. But most notably, 70 percent of retailers in this year’s survey said they would reduce or stop buying from brands that sell direct to consumers online. This is a significant increase from a similar survey in 2009, where only 51 percent claimed they would reduce or stop buying.

“Shopatron’s retail-integrated solution was created to empower branded manufacturers to sell online and use those sales to drive more in-store sales and improve relationships with their retail partners,” Shopatron founder and CEO Ed Stevens said. “The survey clearly shows that brands and retailers are not only happy with the model, but that retailers are starting to demand this kind of partnership from the brands they stock in their stores.”

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  1. Informative article. I work for McGladrey and there’s a white paper on E commerce on the website ( http://bit.ly/HJbEFy ), with information on online retail, defining its scope within the retail industry

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