Nifty 50 deadline less than two weeks away

Ehlert Publishing Group’s editors, including those from Powersports Business, have selected the first 25 products and services for the ninth annual Nifty 50 contest. Winners will be announced in the Jan. 21 issue.

Powersports Business is now accepting applications for the final 25 products. Deadline for companies to submit Nifty 50 entries is Tuesday, Jan. 15.

All entrants for the annual Nifty 50 contest will be judged on potential marketability and dealer profitability.

To be eligible, the products must be displayed at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo in February and be ready for delivery in the 2008 calendar year.

To get a Nifty Fifty submission, contact Associate Editor Karin Gelschus at kgelschus@ehlertpublishing.com.

The second 25 winners of the Nifty 50 will be announced in the Feb. 11 issue.

Questions can be directed to Gelschus at 763/383-4413.

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