Kawasaki releases Ninja ZX-14 and 250R

Kawasaki has unveiled two motorcycles, the Ninja ZX-14 and the 250R. The company’s Ninja ZX-14 has a 1,352cc engine, and features an aluminum, monocoque design, according to Kawasaki’s press release. The bike’s frame goes over the engine and doesn’t protrude through the fairing, leaving the lines interrupted.

The bike also has quadruple projector beam headlights with the outer lenses containing high beams and position lamps. The low beams are located behind the two center lenses. The bike also has a LED tail lamp that has a “V” design.

Kawasaki also released its smallest Ninja, the 250R, with an in-line, twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. It has a 13,000-rpm redline and a 6-speed transmission. The bike has nearly a 70 mpg average fuel economy.

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