Big Dog offers $25,000 chopper

Big Dog Motorcycles, the Wichita, Kan., manufacturer of heavyweight custom cruisers, has added a radical chopper to its lineup for 2004. The new Ridgeback is powered by an S&S 107 cubic inch V-twin and carries an MSRP of $24,900. It’s the most radical of the six bikes offered by Big Dog.
The Ridgeback is expected to stretch the market initiated by the Big Dog’s Chopper model launched this year, which has been the company’s most successful bike in its 10-year history. “We’ve alreadyseen many Ridgebacks on fourth quarter orders,” said Nick Messer, Big Dog president, “and have heard that many have already been sold to customers who have not yet even seen them.”
The Ridgeback is almost nine feet long, has a super fat 250/40×18 rear tire and rigid frame. “It’s got an aggressive, rebellious design,” says Messer, “it’s a perfect balance of extreme performance, power and an edgy attitude.”
Big Dog said it plans to produce 1,000 Ridgebacks through October 2004 in its first full year of production. For more information about the Big Dog lineup, visit www.bigdogmotorcycles.com.

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