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A Web site that could be gold this selling season

If you’re looking for ways to engage your consumers with an e-mail newsletter but you’re a little short on 2010 new product launches and frantically looking for interesting material, then look no further. The federal government is coming to your rescue … unbelievable, huh?

The latest short-term energy forecast by the federal government contains the following sentence that should bring a sigh of relief from those of us heavy in our noncurrent scooter inventory: “Average U.S. pump prices likely will exceed $3 per gallon at times during the forthcoming spring and summer driving season.”

In fact, much of the West Coast is already at or beyond $3 per gallon and the nation’s price at the pump is up more than 45 percent compared to last year at this time, according to the insurance agency AAA’s Web site,

Thus it would make a lot of sense to point out now to consumers in an e-newsletter the amount of money they could save over the coming spring and summer by buying a more price-conscious two-wheeler.

Perhaps even better, give this Web site — — to each of your sales staff so they can do a precise measurement of the savings consumers can expect at the pump. And by the way, the savings outlined on this Web site — another courtesy of the federal government — are likely more than you or your consumers will ever expect.

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  1. We find that sales continue downward with regards to your scooter sales question. Definitely sales peaked in 2008 ,mtotal off for 2009. The weather here in Colorado has been colder than usual til now, but scooter sales have yet to return. We feel that once weather is warm that person will look for product, along with rising fuel costs this should fuel a return in their sales. Thanks Roger at RMK

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