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PG&A inventory advice for every dealership to consider

Neil PascaleIf your PG&A inventory is collectively a little more aged than you would prefer, than by all means focus on this piece of advice. It comes from Steve Sowden, the general manager of fixed operations for the California Motorsports Group, which owns five stores in California. By the way, this piece of advice is just one of a number of specific pointers to reduce aged inventory that can be found in the coming edition of Powersports Business.

For that edition, we asked a couple of national distributors to lead us to dealerships that do a great job of managing their inventory, ensuring the stuff that isn‚t selling isn‚t hanging around for months upon end.
Sowden‚s group of stores were one of the dealers who met those criteria.
Sowden advises PG&A staff to concentrate on selling inventory that is 5-6 months old vs. product that is twice as old as that. The newer inventory will be easier to sell and more likely to sell at a lesser discount, meaning more profit for the dealership.
In a difficult retail environment, those words can be worth their weight in gold.

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  1. Makes it tough to advertise savings on PG&A when the manufacturer we represent does not allow us to advertise discounts on current available items.

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