Five no-cost ways to make your store more profitable

1. Change your Attitude – In 2011, things are heading in a better direction. Changing your outlook, your drive and determinations and the way you look at the business can give you the greatest return at no cost. Maybe except for your pride, but you can’t bank pride…

2. Decide to set a higher standard for your store’s appearance and your store’s customer service vibe. You can’t buy this for your store; you have to make it happen – again no financial cost.

3. Clean everything! Cleaning regularly and deep is not done often enough in our industry. Elbow grease, this is what our great American know-how was founded on. Make the most of these slow days to clean from floor to ceiling, dead plants to dust bunnies.

4. Rearrange the showroom, from the units to the products. Eliminate dead zones, eliminate clutter and unnecessary junk, like filling cabinets and trophies. Everything on the showroom should be for sale or enhance something that is for sale.

5. De-clutter, organize and stop hoarding your inventory. … If it’s old, no one cares anymore but you. If it’s a mess, no one can find anything, from customers to staff. If the showroom is too overwhelming and looks like a garage sale, you need an intervention. … Call me A.S.A.P.

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