Tall, short and in-between: T.S.I.

As the preowned market continues to grow, rider fitment becomes increasingly important. Tom Rudd with Kuryakyn refers to this opportunity as “TSI.” Tall, short and in-between riders trading bikes create a real need to address fitment. Simply put, if they don’t feel comfortable, they won’t buy.

What’s the first thing you do when you get in someone else’s car to drive? Most likely you slide the seat to a comfortable position and then adjust the steering wheel to fit your reach. A motorcycle is a far more simplified vehicle that does not tolerate the added space and weight needed for such options and therefore relies on the aftermarket to fine tune rider/bike fitment.

There are a few key areas to consider with rider fitment. A rider’s reach to the ground can be affected by both seat and suspension adjustments. Seat width, height and profile all affect the way one sits on a bike. Likewise, arm reach can be properly adjusted by using aftermarket bars or hand controls and the fitment of one’s feet to controls can be properly fit by using aftermarket pegs, floorboards or controls. The bottom line: The rider leaves happy knowing they have a bike, new or used, that is fit just for them.

Consumers today are looking for a purchase to fulfill a need and justify additional purchases. Dealers can use this concept to sell more parts and accessories for use and comfort rather than just style.

Proper in-store product displays do a great job of complimenting a well-trained sales staff, resulting in the education of the consumer and an increase in their purchase level.

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