SofTek, PowerSports Network Announce Interface

SofTek Software International (SSI) and Powersports Network (PSN) now offer an interface between the dealership management system from SSI and Web sites created by PSN.
The optional interface has undergone extensive testing in multiple dealerships in the 2005 fourth quarter and was formally introduced in January.
SSI says the interface provides a “One Click” solution that allows the next unprocessed order from the PSN site to fully populate SSI’s Business Assistant 9.0 invoice screen via the interface. Once the order is filled and shipped from the SSI system, the integrated UPS or Fed Ex systems are notified, the tracking number is retrieved, and final shipping information is pushed to the PSN server for customer shipment notification.
“The popularity of Web stores among our dealers has been growing rapidly. Because of this growth in mail order sales … it was a high priority to eliminate the manual labor involved in retrieving and processing orders from PSN sites,” said Jim Thompson, vice president of sales and marketing for SSI.

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