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SHOEI announces RF-1400 helmet

SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp has announced the arrival of the new RF-1400 helmet in North America.

According to the company, “Kaizen is a Japanese term that means ‘continuous improvement’ and inspires the change-for-the-better approach to everything at SHOEI. It is this time-tested, respected philosophy that drives our constant progression in all aspects of helmet design and development, no matter how large or small the incremental improvements. With kaizen principles always at the forefront, we believe that ‘The Evolution of Perfection’ is a fitting tagline for the longest standing, most decorated full-face helmet model in the SHOEI lineup, the RF.”

The helmet utilizes state-of-the-art an extensive array of proprietary materials, and the industry’s most stringent quality assurance practices to offer SHOEI’s lightest and most compact SNELL-approved full-face helmet model.

Optimal shell aerodynamics not only improves the helmet’s ability to cut through streaming air, it also contributes to a welcomed reduction in wind noise without blocking the road’s valuable informative sounds.

The anew CWR-F2 shield system features improved visibility, functionality, and performance over its predecessor. Like all SHOEI full-face shield systems, the CWR-F2 provides a vast field of vision and protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Thanks to SHOEI’s innovative 3D injection-molding process, the CWR-F2 shield also offers a distortion-free view throughout the entire RF-1400 eyeport.

Highlighting a long list of updates, the CWR-F2 2D “flat” outside surface combined with 3D technology inside offers an aggressive look with optimized visibility for a more natural view. Vortex Generators (borrowed from X-Fourteen technology) on the sides of the shield improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise, and an all-new center locking mechanism helps to evenly distribute shield forces across both spring-loaded base plates. Additionally, the first position opening function offers advanced venting and defogging capabilities.

A completely redesigned base plate system boasts smoother shield opening and closures, and a new shield adjuster mechanism allows for easier, more precise tuning. Combined with an all-new window beading that reduces wind and water intrusion, the CWR-F2 shield and base plate system is the most advanced on the market today.

The SHOEI RF-1400 helmet.

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