Houser Racing reveals new General 1000 product line

Houser Racing has released aftermarket parts for the Polaris General 1000. Products developed include tree bars, front bumper and front lower A-arms.

The tree bars (MSRP $389) use the patent-pending L bolt mounting system developed for the Polaris RZR. They are designed to deflect objects toward the rear tire to protect the doors as well as the sides of the vehicle.  

The front bumper (MSRP $399) features an integrated grille, bolt holes for the fair lead to be able to run a winch and has full protection. 

The front lower A-arms (MSRP $349) incorporate a maximum ground clearance bend, come with needle bearings and seals, and maintain stock width. All items are made from high strength steel and have multiple color options available. 

The latest products from Houser Racing for the Polaris General 1000 include a fully protective front bumper. Photos courtesy of Houser Racing

Houser Racing’s tree bars for the Polaris General 1000 deflect objects toward the rear tire.

Houser Racing’s front lower A-arms are available in multiple colors.


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