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Yuasa launches GYZ battery series

AGM motorcycle battery brings more power for accessories

For 38 of the 52-weeks of the calendar year, representatives from Yuasa Battery Inc. find themselves at some sort of powersports event, from AMA Supercross races to distributor shows.

“It’s grueling, but it gets us out there with the people who enjoy the product,” said Yuasa’s AyKaun Okuma. “We have to be there if we’re going to be the leaders.”

As the industry’s leading supplier of OEM and aftermarket batteries, Yuasa staffers are now touting the company’s new GYZ Series product line, promoted as the “next generation in motorcycle batteries.”

Factory-activated and maintenance-free, the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the result of extensive research and development.

“We see a lot of growth from the GYZ,” Okuma said. “The GYZ Series can replace other batteries out in the field and make the unit perform better and longer. Because not only do people buy the bike, they want to put their own stamp or signature on it. It’s what you want vs. what somebody else has. Sometimes the consumer wants more performance and power, which is why we introduced GYZ. It’s backed by years and years of development.”

The GYZ allows for more amp hours for all of the latest accessories, and it offers the highest CCA among motorcycle batteries, with 500 CCA along with 32 AH on the GYZ32HL battery. For high-power accessories such as GPS systems and audio systems, the new GYZ Series is proving to be an ideal match.

All Yuasa GYZ Series batteries feature an enhanced active material. The large, heavy-duty, flush terminals found on GYZ32HL, GYZ20HL and GYZ20H have multiple connections (front and top) and durability to meet the challenging requirements of newer and popular bikes. Additionally, built-in-brass nuts deliver up to 50 percent better conductivity than stainless steel.

Yuasa’s rigorous testing procedures have helped the GYZ Series take a strong start into the marketplace.

“We have to make sure our battery performs, 100 percent of the time. And we do that by making ourselves better,” Okuma said. “We’re the leaders and the innovators, and nobody else is going to do it.”

The Yuasa GYZ Series portfolio includes a total of six sizes for heavy-duty V-twin and metric motorcycles, as well as other powersports applications including ATV and UTV. All GYZ Series batteries are manufactured in Laureldale, Pa.


Testing and more testing


With high hopes for sales of their latest aftermarket batteries, Yuasa also is the leading supplier to OEMs in North America.

“It comes down to performance,” said Yuasa’s Bruce Ash, director of sales and marketing. “No one runs the batteries through as much testing as the OEMs, from vibration resistance to cold-start performance; the OEMs conduct the most rigorous tests. Meeting their demanding specs is how we’ve been able to win and keep their business.”

Yuasa, an affiliate of Japan-based GS Yuasa Corp., has built such a sterling reputation that it continues to export U.S.-built products for OEM manufacturing in Japan. The GYZ20L for Honda Gold Wing has been exported to Japan since 2010.

“Our facility in Pennsylvania is the only one in the corporation that makes the GYZ Series,” Ash said. “What’s unique about the GYZ Series is that we maximize the performance based on the application. If it’s maximizing shelf life for new vehicles or cranking performance for large V-twins, we have a GYZ battery to fit the application.”

Lithium ion a waiting game

In Japan, GS Yuasa manufactures lithium ion batteries for the auto and aerospace industries, but don’t expect to see a lithium ion battery from Yuasa for the powersports aftermarket in the near future.

“The electrical systems in OEM vehicles were not designed with lithium ion batteries in mind,” Ash said. 

“You need that ‘bang’ to start the engine, especially at low temperatures. Right now people are sticking lithium into lead acid applications, and it’s not working well,” Okuma said. “We hear people that have to bring out blow dryers to warm up their battery before they start the vehicle.”

AGM, meanwhile, has become a favorite over conventional batteries due to its ease of use. Conventional batteries are less expensive, however, keeping them in the game as well.

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