Business Excellence Webinar Series

The Business Excellence Webinar Series is presented as part of a partnership between Powersports Business, Traffic Log Pro and Cycle Trader. The Webinars lead into Profit Xcelerator, a two-day dealer education conference & expo. Click here for info on the event.

  • Webinar #1: Increase Profits Selling Used Units | 6/29/10

    More than 260 industry members attended this first Webinar, in which Powersports Business Editor-In-Chief Neil Pascale shared industry data on preowned units and Sam Dantzler, a 20 group moderator for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. and longtime industry trainer and consultant, lead a discussion on improving retail sales strategies.

  • Webinar #2: Greater Profits With Lead Management/CRM | 8/4/10

    This Webinar featured five speakers, including Glenn Roller, who provides sales training for American Suzuki Motor Corp. and KYMCO dealers. Roller discussed the difficult issue of how to respond to e-mail price-shoppers as well as ways to get the customer more engaged so they’re more likely to respond to the initial e-mail or phone response.

  • Webinar #3: Improving E-commerce Profits | 9/8/10

    E-commerce has been one of the few areas the industry has seen consistent growth over the past two years, a time of terrific challenge in other retail segments. How can dealerships improve their own e-commerce revenue? This Webinar will explore that question as well as provide key benchmark data.

  • Webinar #4: How mobile technology will affect dealerships | 9/29/10

    This Webinar will cover how the dealership business is changing to accommodate the growing usage of mobile technology among powersports enthusasists.

  • Webinar #5: First steps to 2011 success | 1/26/11

    Powersports dealers discuss initiatives they took from Profit Xcelerator, an industry conference & expo held this fall, and plan to implement at their stores. Industry experts will help speed that process along by providing both short-term and longer-term goals for dealers to accomplish. Click here to register.

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