ARI, Shopatron announce e-commerce partnership

News Release

ARI Network Services, Inc. (Nasdaq:ARIS) has partnered with Shopatron to provide manufacturers an eCommerce solution that makes it easy for online shoppers to identify parts, check inventory in real-time and select from multiple fulfillment options including ship from store and in-store pickup.

“This partnership allows manufacturers to not only increase the visibility of their products online enabling customers to identify, price and order parts and accessories, but also allows customers to receive their orders with unprecedented speed by leveraging the inventory of local dealers,” said ARI VP of Product Management, Brad Smith. “Our combined capabilities help manufacturers explore new, online profit centers and strengthen relationships with their dealers.”

The combined solution offers manufacturers:

  • ARI’s illustrated parts lookup application which easily integrates with a manufacturer’s existing website and ordering system to provide consumers an easy-to-use, visually-driven shopping experience to identify, price and order parts online.
  • Shopatron’s cloud-based distributed order management system which helps manufacturers seamlessly leverage available inventory across their extended supply chain including dealers, distribution centers and warehouses when fulfilling orders online.

This powerful eCommerce solution is already driving sales for Honda Engines, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

“Offering the option to find and buy genuine Honda parts online gives our customers more flexibility, while still connecting them with the support of their local Honda dealers. It’s one more way to provide our customers with best-in-class service and support,” said Michael Rickey, Senior Manager, Honda Engines.

“The combination of ARI’s plug-and-play, consumer-oriented illustrated parts lookup application with our industry-leading order management system will help manufacturers compete and win in the rapidly changing retail landscape,” said Michael Quinn, Vice President of Alliances, Shopatron. “Top OEM brands such as Honda Engine are leading the charge in transforming how consumers buy products online. Our partnership with ARI provides manufacturers the flexibility and technological innovation that are needed to streamline the ordering process in a way never before possible.”

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  1. OK, since when is Shopatron shipping orders from “distribution centers and warehouses when fulfilling orders online.” ????????

    They have been very adamant about only shipping from a dealer’s inventory and very quick to penalize if that is not strictly followed. So, now the dealer is getting cut-out and ” distribution centers and warehouses” are being utilized directly?

  2. I would like some kind of response from Shopatron and/or ARI on this. Exactly how are “distribution centers and warehouses” involved in this perfect new symbiosis? This completely flies in the face of the current Shopatron rules that we dealers, that are smart enough to take advantage of this system already on our own, have been strictly held to. So, are the rules being changed now? Are we all going to be able to use “distribution centers and warehouses” as is stated in this press release? I do not like the smell of this.

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