Küryakyn celebrates 25th anniversary

Küryakyn is celebrating it s 25th anniversary in 2014 by updating, improving its rolling showroom trucks and refining its catalogs.

Somerset, Wis.-based Küryakyn was founded by Tom Rudd. Its first products included the original ISO-Grip and Hypercharger, and the line has evolved since. In January, Rudd became chairman of the company, which falls under the Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG), while industry veteran Holger Mohr was named president.

Beginning this spring, will feature updated search tools and a video center to maximize the customer experience.

“Making it easier for customers to find the information they are looking was our primary focus with the website redesign,” explained Chris Law, Küryakyn’s digital marketing manager.

Also getting a facelift will be Küryakyn’s rally semi trucks, which will receive new awnings and wraps.

Kuryakyn-25th-Logo-248x236“We are totally revamping our rally presence for 2014,” said rally manager Bryan Desimone. “Look for the big debut of the big rigs at the Laughlin River Run April 24-27.”

Küryakyn’s catalog layout will also become more focused with simpler organization. The Harley-Davidson, Victory & Indian, Gold Wing, Metric Cruiser, and Küryakyn Luggage catalogs will also receive modified release schedules, with releases scheduled throughout the riding season.

“As proud as we are of our past, we are really looking forward to the ride for the next 25 years,” concluded Desimone.

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