ADP to offer dealership websites

Powersports Business has learned that ADP Lightspeed will be offering websites to powersports dealers, adding to a marketplace that includes PowerSports Network, ARI/50 Below and Dealer Spike, among others.

“This has been the most requested product that dealers have been asking for from us,” ADP Lightspeed general manager Greg Smith told Powersports Business. “The initial reaction has been huge, very favorable, and the dealers are happy we’re doing it.”

Testing of the product, called Lightspeed Websites, is ongoing, with a launch date of May 1. The website will also come with an iOS and Android mobile app for dealers to instantly post units on the site.

“Our research in working with dealers showed that the number one piece of functionality that dealers requested was integration, ease of use,” Smith said. “So it will be fully integrated with our DMS platform, Customer Experience Management CRM, Loyalty Rewards Program and our other products. We focused on coming up with a very clean, attractive website product that will meet the needs of our dealers and have it fully integrated with the rest of our products.”

Pricing has not been announced, but “it will be a very disruptive price point,” Smith said.

Read more about the ADP Lightspeed website launch in the April 8 edition of Powersports Business.

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  1. Finally some competition to keep the likes of Dominion and ARI on their toes. And it will be integrated and actually work with the DMS.

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