Seven Clans I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar scheduled

The Seven Clans Winnipeg to Willmar snowmobile race is scheduled to start in Winnipeg on Feb. 10. The iconic event will end in Willmar, Minn., on Saturday, Feb. 13. This year marks the 42nd running of the largest snowmobile race in the country.

Over 300 entries are expected with racers coming from the U.S. and Canada.

The total purse should be close to $100,000 with the winner of the I-500 class receiving $25,000 plus manufacturer contingencies.

The Seven Clans I-500 will cover 600 miles of the toughest terrain, including ditches full of rock hard drifts, lakes, woods and cross country. Pro class racers exceed speeds of 100 mph down rough ditches and lakes.

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