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Helmet House announces record first half sales

Helmet House reported its June sales results were almost 40 percent higher than June 2007. The month’s results made for a strong second quarter and a record first half, according to a company report.

Helmet House co-founders Phil Bellomy and Bob Miller say the company’s strong brands are behind the successful sales.

“These results speak to the market strength of our brands and to the effectiveness of our team of sales managers, marketers, product designers, shipping and customer service personnel; and by the way $4.50 a gallon gasoline didn’t hurt either,” said Miller and Bellomy in the release.

“Record-setting sales for Shoei Helmets and Tour Master and Cortech gear, both very technical products, continue to be the backbone of our growth. Our team of experts has done a phenomenal job of helping the industry’s most successful dealers capitalize on these brands’ strengths and market momentum. Additionally, HJC Helmets and TCX Boots also had very strong sales months for Helmet House.”

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