Discover Today’s Motorcycling celebrates 20 years

Discover Today’s Motorcycling is celebrating its 20th anniversary, according to its press release. The company has spent two decades promoting motorcycling for fun and practical transportation.

Discover Today’s Motorcycling encourages riding training, safety gear, sober cycling and starting out on smaller bikes before working up to big ones as well as the industry’s efforts at growing demographics for women, youth and minorities.

DTM has sponsored numerous events including the Rockefeller Center Motorcycle Shows in 2002 and 2004.

DTM Chairman Gary Christopher says celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts have helped DTM promote motorcycling.

“Today, celebrities dominate mainstream news coverage, and it’s vital for us to ensure that the passion that many of them share for riding is part of the reporting,” Christopher said. “We know that actors and musicians are powerful trend-setters, helping to shape what’s cool and fashionable.”

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