Oct. 15, 2007 – Top sport bike seller receives design, performance upgrades

The top seller in the all-important middleweight sport bike class has received several upgrades, both in its performance and in its styling.
American Suzuki Motor Corp. released details on the new 2008 GSX-R 600 and GSX-R 750, with each receiving some design upgrades.
The bikes feature a new fairing that have three headlights, a centrally mounted halogen projector low beam and halogen multi-reflector high beams on each side. When a rider selects the high beam, Suzuki said all three headlights are activated, illuminating a larger area and increasing cornering visibility.
The GSX-R, the top-selling sport bike in the 501cc-650cc category according to industry sources, also received other upgrades to its chassis, including a larger fuel tank. The rear subframe also is lighter and simpler, with a single die-cast aluminum-alloy seat tail running from the main frame to the rear of the tail on each side of the bike.
Last year’s GSX-R featured a new engine control module that enabled the rider to select different engine control maps on the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, a device located on the right handlebar. For 2008, that engine control module is significantly narrower and thinner.
Suzuki announced two other performance upgrades to this year’s GSX-Rs:

  • the new Idle Speed Control system improves cold starting and stabilizes engine idle to suit the conditions; and
  • the fuel injection system has two new dual throttle valves and eight smaller holes instead of the four large ones, producing a finer spray for better fuel atomization.
    The GSX-R 600 will come in four colors and have a MSRP of $9,399 and is usually in dealer showrooms in March.
    The GSX-R 750 will come in three colors and have a MSRP of $10,599. psb

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