September 4, 2006 – PWC Report

Made in China PWC rumored to be on their way
Rumors continue to swirl over the possibility of Chinese-manufactured PWC potentially entering the U.S. marketplace.
China already is in the early stages of entering the world auto market, reportedly bringing brands once available only within the country to other nation’s shores within the next several years. Other vehicles, including PWC, are rumored to be next. One look at the Web site made-in-china.com seems to indicate they already exist, although several industry insiders note the vehicles bear a striking similarity to craft already in the market.
Should the boats eventually arrive, the cost should certainly be competitive. Chinese auto workers are estimated to make only $2 an hour, about a tenth of their Korean counterparts, and a mere pittance compared to the nearly $60 an hour paid to U.S. workers in wages and benefits.
Ocean Pro returns
Ocean Pro Engineering, in business since 1977, was a household performance name during the sport’s aftermarket heyday but has since had a diminished role in the industry.
But the company now appears poised to make a potential comeback.
Owner Ken Klus recently posted an advertisement for an exclusive distributor with good Internet capabilities to potentially handle the reintroduction of the complete Ocean Pro line. According to Klus, there is also the opportunity for ownership potential in the company, as well as a general manager, CNC machinist slots, and a production manager. Qualified parties are urged to contact Klus at 800/553-6650, or e-mail ocean-pro@cox.net. psb

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