Snowmobile Report – 50th kick off in Roseau

Polaris kicked off its season of 50th anniversary events with activities in Polaris’ hometown of Roseau, Minn., on February 20–22. The weekend included the introduction of its 900 Fusion and 900 RMK snowmobiles, the culmination of the WOW charity relay, ice oval races and an attempt to break the world record for the longest line of moving snowmobiles. 800-plus people gathered for the world record attempt, which was led by Edgar Hetteen and David Johnson, the original founders of the company. In all, 820 snowmobiles crossed the finish line at the end of a 30-mile trail ride. A 3-mile gap during the ride, though, may negate the record.
The previous official record was 307, set in 2002, and an unofficial record of 690, set one week prior to the Roseau event in New York state.
The event was organized by the Roseau County Trailblazers snowmobile club.
Raser Debuts Electric Sled
Raser Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: RSTG), a Provo, Utah-based company specializing in electrics, recently tested a modified Polaris snowmobile in which the two-stroke combustion engine was replaced with an electric motor “enhanced” by the firm’s Symetron technology, which it declined to explain.
Raser, founded in 2001, designed the snowmobile as a “proof of concept” prototype to demonstrate the advantages of Symetron enhancements, which the firm says could benefit all types of vehicles with clean technology, power and affordable cost.
Raser asserts that the 99-lb. motor, which delivers up to 120 hp, is equal or greater in power to many popular two-stroke combustion snowmobiles.
“We are excited about the prospect of offering recreational enthusiasts a quieter, cleaner snowmobile option with as much as or more horsepower as compared to the two-stroke motors currently being sold,” said David West, Raser marketing vice president. West said the Polaris sled with the electric engine operated at levels over 600 times quieter than an unmodified motor.
Kalmbach Buys American Snowmobiler
Kalmbach Publishing Co., Waukesha, Wis., has acquired American Snowmobiler magazine from Recreational Publications Inc., owned by Jerry Bassett and Pam Bailey. Jerry Basset will continue as editor until a replacement is hired, after which he’ll remain with the magazine in a consulting position. The magazine offices, currently in St. Paul, Minn., will eventually move to the Kalmbach offices in Wisconsin. Kalmbach publishes 15 magazines, 200 books and other products. Other magazine titles include Bead& Button, Classic Trains and Scale Auto. psb

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