AMA Publication Deals with Cycle Sound Levels

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) held its second National Summit on Motorcycle Sound on May 14 in Columbus, Ohio. The organization, designed to pursue, protect and promote the interests of 260,000 member motorcyclists, now has published its recommendations for addressing the issue.
The recommendations, released as a document called “Sound Advice”, come after two years of effort by the Motorcycle Sound Working Group, which was formed after the first summit conference in May of 2003. Contributors included representatives of the street and off-road motorcycling communities, as well as powersports manufacturers, aftermarket companies, law enforcement, municipal government, and research institutions and regulatory agencies.
“We’re grateful to all those who contributed to these recommendations, helping American motorcyclists address a difficult and important issue,” said Robert Rasor, AMA President. “Now, for the motorcycling community and the powersports industry, the real work begins, and the AMA will continue to participate in creating solutions.”
“‘Sound Advice’ speaks with virtually every voice in American motorcycling, and it speaks to everyone who has a stake in American motorcycling’s future,” said Ed Moreland, AMA Vice President for Government Relations and facilitator of the Motorcycle Sound Working Group. “We encourage motorcyclists, businesses, and communities to work together to support the working group’s recommendations.”
“Sound Advice” is available in pdf format on the AMA’s website, www.AMADirectlink.com. Visit http://www.ama-cycle.org/legisltn/Sound_Advice.asp

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