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Riding 29,500km in 131 days sets Guinness World Record

Buck Perley and Amy Mathieson logged 29,500 kilometers over 131 days of riding aboard their CFMOTO 650TK motorcycles to set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

On Nov. 27, the duo arrived at CFMOTO headquarters in Hangzhou, completing their epic adventure that gave them record of Longest Motorcycle Journey in a Single Country. They rode through 27 provinces in China through grasslands, deserts and mountains. The previous record was set in the U.S., at 29,034 kilometers.

“Even though we rode 650TK for such a long time and miles, there are only tires changed and no other problems met. Especially the 650TK’s engine is really good, very powerful. It helps us a lot in this journey,” Perley said.

With the theme of “Love journey riding around China,” Perley and Mathieson rode the 650TK counter-clockwise through China and supported the charity organization “Free Lunch For Children” on the road. CFMOTO employees actively participated in donations for “Free Lunch For Children” when the pair arrived at the CFMOTO headquarters.


“I am very happy that our friends Mr. Buck Perley and Miss Amy Mathieson come to CFMOTO,” Mr. Zhu Xiangyang, general manager of CFMOTO, said during the welcome ceremony. “Congratulations to them for breaking the Guinness world record and also let’s give our applause to our hero Mr. Buck and Miss Amy. They have fought over all the difficulties in their journey. What is more, the purpose of their riding activity is for donating money to the charity organization ‘Free Lunch For Children,’ so here I call on all of you to donate your love to our children who could not enjoy a good lunch as their peers.”

Details of the ride are available by clicking here.

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