Ducati Omaha making all the right moves

Dealership posts record 2012 after relocation

In less than seven years as a dealership, Ducati Omaha has already seen success, with numerous awards from its OEM and other industry honors. But 2012 was a significant year for the dealership as it moved to a new location and increased sales significantly.

“2012 was our best year ever in virtually every category,” general manager Jarel Jensen reported.

Traffic and new unit sales at the new store — with highway frontage just two blocks from the previous location — were both up 40 percent. Pre-owned sales were the highest the dealership has ever seen, increasing 50 percent year-over-year in part because of increased inventory from trade-ins.

The dealership also focused heavily on its e-commerce. Besides using its dealership website, which sells OEM parts, the store also sells apparel at DucatiApparelShop.com, and other products on a MotoSpecialties site. An investment in e-commerce, including adding staff, led to a 20 percent increase in that department.

“We have always been strong in e-commerce, and we added new products and additional categories to our online stores in 2012,” Jensen said.

Though Ducati Omaha spends almost none of its marketing budget on media advertising, it has seen increased traffic at its store mostly stemming from open houses and parties.

Ducati Omaha saw its floor traffic increase 40 percent after a move to a highway-facing store in 2012.

“We never see immediate returns in sales from events. It’s more an effort to keep a passionate customer base and make sure they are having fun, which comes back to us in future sales,” Jensen explained.

The dealership encourages its local riding community by hosting rides each Wednesday in the summer. It also has an online rider forum at DucatiOmahaForum.com.

For 2013, the dealership expects flat new and pre-owned sales and increases in PG&A and service. The store plans to implement enhanced email marketing for e-commerce and better follow-up systems during the year.


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