March 13, 2006 – Ski-Doo sleds continue to offer variety

The 2007 Ski-Doo models are all about choice. While other manufacturers seem to consolidate their lineups, Ski-Doo comes to the table with 54 different ways to build its snowmobiles. It also continues with its specialty spring-order only X line, which has extra performance and upgrade options for early buyers.
The company revealed its new products on March 3 to dealers in Dallas.
Power To The Spring Buyer
Arctic Cat may have cut out its spring buy program last year, but Ski-Doo still sees the advantage of snaring customer dollars early. It expanded its X line for 2007, and offers some of its choice new features as spring-only benefits. Ten of the company’s new models are designated for early sales.
If one really wants to talk about powerful spring sales, one has to consider the new Rotax 2-Tec 800R PowerTEK two-stroke that comes in X-package Summit models.
The new two-stroke is called the 2-TEC 800R PowerTEK engine. Ski-Doo said its new Rotax engine produces more horsepower than other manufacturers’ 2006-model 900 engines. Its claimed 151 hp is achieved with some new hardware.
The new 800R is a monoblock design, like the 1,000 SDI engine. It allows more room around the cylinders for larger and more free-breathing intake, transfer and exhaust ports. It also allows for more cooling capacity. Inside, exhaust ports are 5 percent larger than the other 800 engine, too. The 3-D RAVE technology has three-position exhaust valves, accomplished with two guillotine slides.
The 3-D RAVE?valves open using crankcase pressure and instructions from the ECM. The exhaust port is fully closed until 6,200 rpm. From that engine speed to 7,400 rpm, the secondary slide opens via a release of the vacuum pressure. At 7,400 rpm, the ECM orders crankcase pressure to open the primary slide to fully expose the exhaust port. The use of two slides adds an intermediate opening position for better performance and fuel economy at mid-range.
Good Things Come To Those Who Won’t Wait
The engine isn’t the only spring option. Ski-Doo has race chassis-inspired Summits and MX Zs that are tougher than race-inspired Ski-Doos of the past.
The new MX Z X-RS and Summit X-RS are billed as the highest performance Ski-Doo snowmobiles ever, the company said. The MX Z X-RS comes with features directly from the MX Zx 440 race sled. It has clicker shocks that have a wide range of adjustability in all four locations. Ski-Doo said the 16 high-speed and 20 low-speed compression settings allow adjustments from snocross-stiff to mainstream Adrenaline package compliance. In front, the shocks add .625 inches of travel to the suspension.
Engine choice is the 600 H.O. SDI or the 800 H.O. PowerTEK, but the machine looks like the factory 440 racer with its host of cosmetic parts.
The Summit X-RS package is one of the machines that gets the new 800R PowerTEK engine. In the REV chassis, it uses an SC-151 rear skid with a new 16-inch wide Challenger Lite track of the same length. The Summit X-RS has the same cosmetic features as the MX Z version. To go with its 800R engine, the machine has the TRA III drive clutch and an HPV Roller driven.
The Summit X-RS package has HPG clicker take-apart shocks in the front with titanium springs. In the rear skid, the machine has two aluminum HPG take-aparts. All four of the shocks have the same calibration as the factory Summit hillclimb race machines.
The MX Z “X” models have a few updates this year: HPG Clicker Take-Apart front shocks and standard Camoplast Rip Saw tracks, with the Ice Ripper track available as a factory option. The machines also get the 440 racer seat, and come with painted A-arms on the front suspension.
The New Four-Stroke
The new four-stroke 4-TEC V-800 engine, planted in touring and utility models, comes from the company’s ATV division where it’s been used in the Outlander 800 H.O. EFI. Its application is targeted toward consumers who place a high value on fuel economy and four-stroke longevity.
The V-800 is an 80-degree V-twin with two downdraft throttle bodies, one for each cylinder. It also has four-valve heads and a roller follower cam to boost torque.
The trail and 2-Up Legend model feature the V-800 four-stroke engine in the RF chassis. The trail package is a solo version, the touring model adds passenger accommodations. Both models come with electric start, reverse and mirrors. The Legend Trail is touted as being the lightest four-stroke on the market and a simple machine to operate, according to Ski-Doo.
A Blizzard On The Horizon
A new package is available for MX Z machines this year: the MX Z Blizzard. The Blizzard is what BRP calls the highest-performance, highest-tech, in-season MX Z ever.
Blizzards come with 600 H.O. SDI engine or the 800 H.O. PowerTek. It has HPG Clicker front shocks, an HPG center shock and an HPG Take-Apart rear shock. It also comes with the HPV Roller secondary clutch, the link-type sway bar, internal/external drivers, a riser block for taller bars, a steel-braided brake line and a Rip Saw track with 1.25-inch lugs.
Mountain Machines
For 2006, the Ski-Doo Adrenaline and Highmark Summit machines shed 15 pounds. In 2007, the Highmark lost another 15.
Weight was dropped with a switch to the 440 racer seat and the new Challenger Lite track. The Highmark model, with the RT chassis and the 1,000 SDI engine, has a 151- or 162-inch track length, both with a width of 16 inches and a lug height of 2.25 inches.
The Summit Adrenaline models get the new 800R PowerTEK?engine or the 600 H.O. SDI for power. psb
Tim Erickson contributed to this report.

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