Japan’s OEMs Up Production 4.5% in June

Japan’s motorcycle manufacturers produced 129,104 units during June 2005, up 4.5% or 5,574 units compared with the production of 123,530 units produced during June 2004, according to a recent report by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
According to JAMA figures, Honda produced 49,496 units in June 2005; Suzuki, 30,153 units; Yamaha, 36,413 units; and Kawasaki, 12,999 units. During June 2004, Honda produced 49,211 units; Suzuki, 22,419 units; Yamaha, 40,372 units; and Kawasaki, 11,482 units.
Manufacturers produced 878,154 units during the six months of January-June 2005, up 11,986 units or 1.4% compared with the production of 866,168 units recorded for the same six months of 2004.
For the period from January through June 2005, Honda produced 289,942 units; Suzuki, 238,598 units; Yamaha, 244,622 units; and Kawasaki, 104,758 units.
During the same six-month period in 2004, Honda produced 289,628 units; Suzuki, 205,516 units; Yamaha, 266,172 units; and Kawasaki, 104,637 units.

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