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It’s a dealership hat trick for EagleRider

EagleRider, following the grand opening of Indian Motorcycle Los Angeles, has announced the acquisition of San Diego Indian Motorcycle, originally the first Polaris/Indian dealership in California.

“Thanks to our partnership with Polaris and their Indian/Victory teams, we are proud to announce the all-new San Diego Indian Motorcycle, an EagleRider Superstore,” said Chris McIntyre, EagleRider president.

(From left) Chris McIntyre, EagleRider president and CEO; Chris Clovis, EagleRider vice president; and Lauris Bye, EagleRider director of marketing are adding to dealerships.

EagleRider vice president Chris Clovis illustrated the transition: “Polaris/Indian worked very hard to help facilitate the ownership change, while the dealership didn’t skip a beat. We worked together to make the transfer fast and smooth, because a drawn-out transition isn’t what’s best for the riders of San Diego.”

With the addition of San Diego, EagleRider now operates three Indian dealerships throughout the U.S.

“To thousands of passionate enthusiasts here and around the world, EagleRider represents a gateway to America: experiencing our beautiful land on an iconic, powerful, American machine,” Clovis said. “And no vehicle delivers that experience more completely than an Indian Motorcycle can. Providing these amazing machines to riders in Orlando, Los Angeles and now San Diego is a natural extension of what we do.”

Indian Motorcycle has also proven to be a home run for EagleRider’s Rental and Tour business, as the company boasts the world’s largest fleet of Indians for rent.

“The bikes are just solid. In fact, we’ve been blown away by the performance and reliability of the Indian product,” Clovis said. “With a fleet as large as ours, any small problem can become a large one. But the Indians have been incredibly reliable, and that’s bolstered our decision to expand the retail dealerships.”

The company’s unique business model is the focal point of EagleRider’s approach. 

“We’re not just a bunch of dealerships; we’re an experience company,” Clovis said. “Our goal is to ensure that you get where you need to go, enjoying yourself each step of the way: whether it’s picking you up at the airport or dropping off your free service loaner, it’s not simply a ‘transaction’, but an experience. We want our guests to feel like they’re on vacation — even when they aren’t.” 

In fact, the store manager Mission Statement for EagleRider is a take on Clovis’ nickname — it’s called the “BatManifesto”: “Not ‘customers’, GUESTS. Not ‘managers’, HOSTS. Not a ‘transaction’, an EXPERIENCE.”

This manifesto drives EagleRider to operate San Diego Indian in ways unique to the motorcycle industry, including answering phones and responding to web leads in less than five minutes 6 a.m.-6 p.m. seven days a week and having stores open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. every day, including most holidays.

“It’s about taking that extra step for the ultimate guest experience. Nothing’s worse than going to look at bikes and finding the doors locked. No one likes clicking a web inquiry and sitting around waiting for a callback. And let’s face it, trying to make arrangements for a ride after dropping off your bike for service is a pain. We want to change that paradigm.”


San Diego Indian Motorcycle is an EagleRider Superstore, offering new and used Indian Motorcycles, Victory Motorcycles, Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and BMW motorcycles; parts, apparel, accessories; service for Indian and Harley-Davidson vehicles; rentals and tours.

“San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we’re extremely proud to host riders of Indian, Victory and all brands to this stunning and historic dealership, with it’s fantastic group of enthusiast employees,” McIntyre said.

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