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Utilizing YouTube for your dealership

Utilizing social platforms as a business tool are a must in today’s society, but not everyone may put YouTube in the same category as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. YouTube, owned by Google, is the hidden gem.

YouTube currently has over 1 billion users giving you a terrific opportunity to increase brand awareness to a broader audience of powersports enthusiasts through consistent postings of SEO-optimized video content.

Creating a channel for your dealership is the best way to get started. If you have a Google account, you are able to watch, comment and share videos on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you have a YouTube channel. A YouTube business channel is essentially the same as a Facebook or LinkedIn business page. These channels are a powerful marketing platform that enable you to create a loyal following while also boosting your brand recognition through a range of videos based on any relevant topic you choose.

If this sounds like the perfect platform for your dealership to use, these simple steps will get you going in no time!

  1. Head over to YouTube and click the ‘sign in’ tab. From there, log in using the Google account that you want associated with your company’s channel.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, click your profile icon and then the ‘settings’ icon, located in the top right corner. Next, click the ‘Create a channel’ link and choose the ‘Use a business or other name’ option. To complete the setup process, name your channel and you are ready to customize with images, a company description and video content!

Customize your YouTube channel to fully represent your dealership. Plan out the content for your channel’s description. You have one thousand characters and links to provide a concise overview consisting of quality keywords that communicate who you are, what products and services you offer and what type of video content you will be sharing. Customize your channel with an icon, typically a company logo, channel art (header image – same concept as your Facebook cover photo) and links to your other social media pages, as well as your dealership’s website.

YouTube also gives you the opportunity to convert one-time viewers into engaged subscribers by allowing you to create channel trailers. Channel trailers are your opportunity to promote your YouTube videos or even your dealership. These trailers only appear to viewers who haven’t subscribed to your channel just yet. The channel trailer should be short and grab your viewer’s attention from the start, encouraging them to want to see more and to ultimately subscribe to your channel.

Before you get ready to upload your videos, it is extremely important to plan out your SEO strategy to optimize the search ranking of your videos on Google and on YouTube.

  • Treat your title as though it were a specific search term on Google. Use keywords and phrases that are concise and describe the video’s purpose.
  • The description of your video provides viewers with a keyword-rich, 200 – 500 word summary of your video’s content. Include strong calls-to-action such as links to subscribe to your channel, follow your social pages and visit your dealership’s website.
  • Use tags to help users find your video through SEO. These tags can range from single words to short phrases.

YouTube gives you the ability to upload custom thumbnails to represent each of your videos. Think of a thumbnail as the cover of a book. Although it’s said that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, it’s often the first thing examined before the book is opened or purchased. Same with your thumbnail. Use compelling images to grab the viewer’s attention. You also want to ensure that each of your thumbnails are in sync with one another. You can do so by using a reoccurring pattern, logo or even outline that your viewers will be able to recognize.

YouTube’s playlist feature allows you the ability to add structure to your page by grouping your videos based on topics of your choice. The organization will make it easier for your viewers to find relevant videos ranging from your “2018 Showroom Models” to “Veterans Rides” or “Shop Accessories”.

A well-maintained and organized YouTube channel is an effective way to create awareness and take advantage of major social platform that isn’t being utilized by most. Capitalize on this opportunity and let YouTube help you market your business!

Derek Danner is the marketing coordinator for DX1, the complete dealership management platform for the powersports industry. DX1 gives dealers access to everything they need to manage and market their dealerships, including DMS, website & online marketing tools. Dealers save time and eliminate frustration with the efficiency of one login, one dashboard and a single database where customer and inventory data is stored.


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