Social media 101: Post holiday blitz

Amanda White BlogYour holiday inspired social media and digital marketing strategies should extend beyond January 1. Not only as an extension, but a major plan in and of it itself. Commonly perceived as the retail lull, on the contrary, the holidays are the opportune moment to reach your newest customers, generate new sales opportunities and analyze your holiday’s social media campaign strategies. The holidays may have ended, but the work to maintain your new customers is just the beginning.

Your dealership’s spike in sales during the holiday season did not only generate revenue, but new connections. You have new subscribers for your email campaigns and newsletters. There is an increase in followers on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. These new customers are focused on their New Year’s Resolutions, self-gifting and are ALWAYS on the look on for a new sale.


New Years is a great opportunity for launching a sale on winter clearance. For example, offer free shipping on your safety gear; helmets, gloves, boots and reflective apparel. Then market to customers as improving health and safety, which is a very popular resolution. Secondly, not only are your customers investing in their resolutions, they are also taking advantage of the extra cash, coupons, reward points and gift cards they accrued through buying and receiving gifts. This is the self-gifting theme that has gained momentum the last couple years. According to a survey by the National Retail Foundation, 6 in 10 consumers engaged in self-gifting during the 2014 winter season. Last but not least, customers are ALWAYS on the hunt for good bargains, free shipping and freebies. While other dealerships are taking a step back from pushing new sales, your dealership should go full throttle and place your newest sales all over your social media avenues.


Social media is not a one-way communication. This is especially true after the holidays! It is time to plan for customer service and your dealership’s ability to responding to post-holiday traffic via social media. Your communication must be as quick, concise, consistent and friendly as it should be any other time of the year. This is a great time to create FAQs for you and your team so the responses are at everyone’s fingertips.


Along with marketing new sales and communicating with customers, it is critical to assess your social media holiday campaigns. You should be tracking all the analytics available on these platforms. Do not skip this step! This is how you can prove what works and fails from year to year. Take it a step further and reach out to your solid list of responsive followers for feedback. You not only have the numbers, but real-person accounts of what works and fails.

The level of activity and engagement on social media should not slow down, but ramp up after January 1. Your dealership should take advantage of the new opportunities available and start the New Year running full speed ahead.


Amanda White is an account manager for DX1 and PowerSports Network.


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