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Harley-Davidson of Washington DC sold

Performance Brokerage Services, the nation’s highest volume new car and Harley-Davidson dealership brokerage firm recently announced the sale of Harley-Davidson of Washington DC in Fort Washington, Maryland from Thomas Moorehead to Brett Tekavec.

Harley-Davidson of Washington DC was purchased by Moorehead in May 2014 from Donald Smolinski. Moorehead also owns and operates the new car dealership, Sterling Motorcars in Sterling, Virginia offering BMW, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mini and Rolls Royce. Following the sale, Moorehead commented, “When it came time to sell my Harley-Davidson dealership, I called George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services. It was a difficult assignment and he worked very hard to make it happen. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Tekavec began his career in the Harley-Davidson business in 1991 as the general sales manager at South East Harley-Davidson. In 2004, he became a district manager for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Tekavec stated, “This is where I experienced the trust history of a great American icon first hand.” In 2011, Tekavec became minority owner of his first Harley-Davidson dealership. With 25 years of experience in retail, as an owner and with the Motor Company, Tekavec eventually made his lifelong dream come true when he purchased Queen City Harley-Davidson in Fairfield, Ohio.

Tekavec attributes his success to his commitment to customer service and the customer experience, sharing “I believe the experience is everything. What we understand is people don’t need a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, people dream to own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle!”

Tekavec had been working with George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services to find another Harley-Davidson dealership to purchase. Tekavec comments, “I had been working with George Chaconas to help me buy a Harley-Davidson dealership for years. George then introduced me to Harley-Davidson of Washington DC, which perfectly fit my business model. George was very instrumental in helping negotiate the price and terms as there were a lot of moving parts.”

Tekavec purchased Harley-Davidson of Washington DC from Moorehead in October 2018. The dealership will remain at its current location at 9407 Livingston Road in Fort Washington, Maryland 20744.

Home of the annual Rolling Thunder Rally, a national rally to help educate, facilitate and never forget abandoned service members after the Vietnam War, Tekavec understands the magnitude of being part of the local community. Tekavec plans to infuse his award-winning customer experience to this dealership and also intends to reopen the alternate retail outlet, previously named National Harbor, which was recently shut down. Tekavec concludes, “This area has so much meaning to so many people. We are extremely excited to be part of this wonderful community of riders and future riders, no matter what their bike of choice is. We look forward to sharing some back road rides soon. Ride safe!”

George C. Chaconas, the exclusive agent for this transaction and the head of the National Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division for Performance Brokerage Services commented, “Few American brands are as iconic as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Even fewer dealerships have a legacy like Harley-Davidson of Washington DC, the oldest Harley-Davidson dealership in the DC area. It is an honor and a privilege to have helped both gentlemen facilitate this transaction. I like to thank Thomas Moorehead for the vote of confidence and wish Brett Tekavec continued success!”

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