U.S., German safety groups team up for AIMExpo

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation will be welcoming David Strickland, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as the keynote speaker for the 2013 MSF/ifz International Motorcycle Safety Conference.

Co-sponsored by MSF and the Germany-based Institute for Motorcycle Safety, the two-day event is scheduled for Oct. 16-17 and will be held in conjunction with the inaugural American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando.

“MSF is honored to have David Strickland deliver the keynote speech at the MSF/ifz International Motorcycle Safety Conference,” said MSF president Tim Buche. “And we wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the ifz and its director Achim Kuschefski for helping making this conference possible, as well as to the motorcycle safety community for their enthusiastic participation. Everyone at MSF is eagerly anticipating the first international safety conference on U.S. soil since 2006.”

In addition to Strickland’s address, MSF-specific presentations will include initial observations from the groundbreaking MSF 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study, data from the MSF/NHTSA Discovery Project and details on the updated MSF Basic RiderCourse.

Additional topics to be addressed include safety technology and initiatives, rider characteristics, crash analysis and personal protective equipment. Panel discussions will accompany the presentations.

MSF expects approximately 300 attendees at the conference, mostly consisting of the international traffic safety research community, representatives from traffic safety schools, as well as executives and engineers from the major motorcycle manufacturers, other academics, plus the trade and enthusiast motorcycle industry press.


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