Wholesale values see rise in Feb.

Black Book shows PWC increase most

Black Book values for most powersports segments increased month-over-month for February.

PWC and jet boats saw the largest increase, up 1.7 percent each. Scooters, on/off-road bikes, cruisers and street bike values also rose, up almost 1 percent each.

“The beginning of the riding season is often tied to Bike Week in March in Daytona Beach, Fla.,” Black Book managing editor Ricky Beggs explained. “The uptick in cruiser values could be driven with dealers, mostly on the east coast, getting some inventory ready for this major event.”

Side-by-side values reported a slight increase, up 0.1 percent for the month.

Though positive results were seen across many vehicle segments, ATVs dropped 0.4 percent, and snowmobiles were down 1.8 percent.

“Why the snowmobiles have dropped this month is a mystery, but at one recent auction, buyers were scarce and money was tight for these units. It has been a mild winter up until recently across much of the country and this may be impacting demand for snowmobiles,” Beggs said.

One anomaly reported for the month was a zero-dollar increase for off-road bikes.

“We occasionally see a segment that only changes in value by a few dollars, resulting in a zero percent change, but this is the first time that the changes are less than a single dollar,” Beggs reported.


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