Cardo’s scala rider G9 tackles 14K ride in India

Ryan and Colin Pyle used the Cardo scala rider G9 for communication throughout “The India Ride,” their 14,000-kilometer, 54-day motorcycle circumnavigation of India.

The brothers used the wireless Bluetooth communication system through their journey to communicate with each other and their support and filming team.

The product enables clear and reliable wireless, bike-to-bike intercom communication. Operating at a range of up to one mile, the scala rider G9 allowed both riders to relay important information, which proved to be especially vital while they were traversing difficult and dangerous terrain.

The Cardo scala rider G9 survived a 14K trek through India.

“Kudos to the Pyle brothers and their team on their impressive accomplishment,” Cardo CEO Abraham Glezerman said. “Ryan and Colin embody the magic appeal of motorcycle touring under the most demanding conditions and beautiful terrain. The fact that our scala rider G9 exceeded their expectations on this ambitious and at times grueling journey is very gratifying and also gives us the feeling that a part of us was there. We put our products through tough tests and we are thrilled to see our products meet or exceed real world challenges like the India Ride. We salute them and all other Cardo scala rider users throughout the world who have ridden with our systems through breathtaking and challenging environments to fulfill their dreams.”



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