AT DEALER EXPO: Marshall adds a number of suppliers

For Marshall Distributing, the additions to its catalog that will be unveiled at Dealer Expo won’t just equal to a few part numbers here and there.

Try thousands of parts numbers.

That includes both new products through the national distributor’s house brands — including Zoan helmets and MX gear — as well as a host of new suppliers. The latter will include:

ProGrip goggles and grips;
Cyclo lubes and cleaners. “They are very, very well priced,” Chuck Herman, Marshall’s national sales manager. said, noting their MSRP is dramatically below other brand names in this sector. “So I expect they’ll be very successful.”
Lighting Performance, which makes floorboards and pegs for the Can-Am Spyder. “We don’t think it will be a huge market because the numbers of the Spyders aren’t huge, but it’s one a lot of (distributors) aren’t addressing,” Herman said of the three-wheeled vehicle.
Sena helmet communication systems;
Condor wheel chocks;

“We’ve been busy,” Herman said of Marshall’s new supplier additions. “If it makes sense financially and we think our dealers will get excited about it, we put it in (the catalog).”

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