AMA and MSF promote Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and the American Motorcyclist Association and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation have created public awareness efforts to get the word out.

The MSF is using new technologies to reach a wider and younger audience through YouTube and, with several safety video placements. The organization also created a short film called “Intersection,” targeted at driver education programs. The film examines a car/bike crash from the perspective of all motorists involved.

Through its efforts, the MSF aims to get five messages out to motorcyclists: get trained and licensed; wear protective gear; ride unimpaired; ride within your limits; and be a lifelong learner. For car drivers and other motorists, the MSF says: look out for motorcyclists; don’t be distracted; give two-wheelers some room; use turn signals; and keep trash in the car.

The AMA is rolling out a public service announcement (PSA) as part of its Motorcycle Awareness Month campaign.

The PSA features an impatient and distracted driver who has a near miss with a motorcyclist and then gets an unexpected surprise.

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