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How to figure out your New Year’s resolution

Neil PascaleTest time. Put down the eggnog for a moment and see if you can answer these. In fact, let’s do this. Since most of us are already mentally in the holiday mode, let’s make it even simpler. Answer each of these with a “true” or “false.”

Question No. 1: I know where my noncurrent inventory level is at — in exact numbers — and I have written down goals to reduce those in the first half of 2010?

Question No. 2: I know how many customers were shown noncurrent units and which unit they were shown in the past week?

Question No. 3: I include noncurrent units in motorcycle shows, advertising and online marketing?

Question No. 4: I ask my consumers on a regular basis what models they would like to see that they haven’t seen in our inventory?

The first three questions obviously attest to the importance of reducing a dealership’s noncurrent inventory — and how to do so successfully — and the final one may answer the question, “Why do I have so much noncurrent inventory?”

If you answered “false” to any of the four questions, then we’ve highlighted your first and foremost New Year’s resolution.

By the way, all of those questions and much more valuable information about how to reduce noncurrent inventory is available on at no cost in the e-whitepaper called “How to improve your inventory mix.”

Happy holidays from all of us at Powersports Business!

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