Last Year’s Nifty 50 Winners

50 Below
Product: Web Inventory
Booth No.: 3133

Contact: 888/502-3569;
Product specifications: Web Inventory by 50 Below enhances the consumer shopping experience by keeping dealers’ ADP Lightspeed Dealer Management System in sync with their Web site and other online portals. Consumers can easily see what vehicles are available and take action.
Unique features: For many dealers, it’s time consuming to keep their vehicle inventory up-to-date on their Web site. By utilizing the Web Inventory tool from 50 Below, a dealer’s ADP Lightspeed inventory is published to their Web site each day.
MSRP: Web Inventory $50 per month

Product: Metric Charging System Components
Booth No.: 6420

Contact: 216/688-8300;
Product specifications: ACCEL will be offering a full line of metric regulator/rectifiers and stators that include more than 180 SKUs for street, dirt and ATV/UTVs. See ACCEL’s all new Metric Catalog for application details
Unique features: ACCEL offers a lifetime warranty on regulators/rectifiers and stators. This is the same warranty the company has had on its V-twin products for more than 30 years.
MSRP: $22.14-$287.49

ADP Lightspeed
Product: Databack
Booth No.: 3225

Product specifications: This LightspeedNXT product allows dealers to compare dealership performance, margins, value and other key actions nationally, regionally and on an individual dealership level. Data is automatically collected nightly across the country from hundreds of dealers and made available to pull real time inside LightspeedNXT. This allows dealers to do extensive market research in a matter of seconds. For example Databack reports allow dealers to check margins on used units or hourly rates within a region or nationally to compare with their own.
Unique features: In addition to providing national and regional benchmarks for dealers, Databack provides an in-depth view into the individual dealership’s performance. Reports such as average parts tickets, hours per RO or service history give dealers a quantitative view into their dealerships individual performance and can help target underperforming employees. Databack benchmark reports integration is a subscription-based product and will be available to dealers currently on the system for download in version 3.9.1.
MSRP: Contact company for pricing details.

American SportWorks
Product: Land Master-Runabout
Booth No.: 707

Contact: 800/643-7332;
Product specifications: Light utility vehicle, two-wheel drive, 150cc, electric start, OHV 4-stroke, four-wheel hydraulic brakes automatic CVT Drive, full suspension, rack and pinion steering, 12V auxiliary outlet, head lights, tail light, 250-pound capacity dump bed, tool holders, drink holders, bench-style seating for two with under-seat storage.
Unique features: This light utility vehicle is designed for gardening, light chores and yard cleanup.
MSRP: $2,999

Product: Footsteps Lead Management
Booth No.: 843

Contact: 800/755-6040;
Product specifications: Footsteps helps dealers create efficient sales processes to better follow up with leads and customers.
Unique features: The program automatically assign leads to salespeople based on make, category, source, lead type and length. It also has the ability to send notifications automatically to ensure salespeople are following up with leads properly. It also has unique auto respond and scheduled e-mails to provide automatic communication triggered by lead type with the ability to select any time frame as well as integrated e-mail campaigns to mass target group without exporting customer data to third party e-mail tools while being CAN-SPAM compliant. The review campaign reports provide a real-time view of campaign effectiveness, including statistics on opened e-mail, opt-outs, and click-thrus. There are also Web site activity alerts, which send notifications to salespeople when customers view specific models on dealers’ Web sites. Leads from WebsiteSmart Pro automatically populate into Footsteps to save time and money on data entry.
MSRP: Visit booth for pricing

Aritronix (Scorpio Motorcycle Alarms)
Product: rLink
Booth No.: 1439

Contact: 480/951-1109;;
Product specifications: rLINK incorporates advanced theft prevention, GPS tracking, SMS and e-mail alerts with programs that allow enthusiasts to take their riding experience from inside the helmet and share it online. rLINK uploads to Facebook and Twitter through computer, smartphone or rLINK’s free iPhone application. The rider can share location, route, status and trip updates, as well as connect with other rLINK users for a group ride. Other features include speed alerts, movement alerts, setting multiple geofences and trip planning with automatic location updates to multiple recipients.
Unique features: TrLINK integrates Radio Frequency Identification Technology for hands-free operation and a three-axis accelerometer to detect movement, shock and tilt. rLINK is compatible with Scorpio Alarms’ accessories, including “plug and play” OEM factory connector kits, remote ignition disable and perimeter sensor. Alarm functions can be controlled by the included remote, or from the user’s computer or smart phone.
MSRP: $549.95

Big Gun Exhaust
Product: Eco System Exhaust System
Booth No.: 2539

Contact: 909/987-4213;
Product Specifications: The Eco System Exhaust System is a newly designed aluminum, stainless steel, high performance exhaust tat is economically priced.
Unique features: Big Gun Exhaust says it has the same quality, specifications and performance as other exhausts, but it’s 30 percent cheaper due to the company’s unique new manufacturing process.
MSRP: $239.99

Product: RevArc
Booth No.: TBA

Contact: 208/455-8433;
Product Specifications: The latest edition to the RevArc line of ramps is the new RevArc HD (Heavy Duty) designed to load large UTVs onto a truck or trailer. With a 2,100-pound capacity, 64 inches wide and 90 inches long, this ramp can work with Rhinos, Rangers, Gators and Argos. It’s 48 pounds, and it slips under a UTV for easy storage. RevArc HD features the performance of an arched ramp with the stability and safety of a tri-fold ramp. Users position the ramp, lock the single strap and load the vehicle. Bosski says ramp twisting, sliding or slipping is greatly reduced with a RevArc HD.
Unique features: Consumers benefit with a safer load angle compared to a conventional ramp due to the longer length feature. The company placed a quality Point of Purchase on every RevArc HD with 18-inch by 20-inch packaging.
MSRP: $299

Product: Tatou UTV 4S
Booth No.: 2545

Contact: 866/533-0008;
Product Specifications: Engineered specifically for the heavier load capacity of side-by-sides, the Tatou UTV4S track conversion system brings four-season capability to popular UTVs.
Unique features: Its new track profile with upgraded side support improves traction over the original Tatou UTV. The double tandem stabilizer on frame pivots absorbs impacts for better ride and handling, and puncture-proof tires improve reliability and provide maximum shock absorption for improved ride quality.
MSRP: $4,199

Cardo Systems
Product: Scala Rider G4
Booth No.: 3719

Contact: 800/488-0363;
Product Specifications: The Scala Rider G4 provides bike-to-bike intercom communications with two, three or four riders (two drivers and two passengers on two bikes) up to a distance of one mile. The G4 can connect with nearly any Bluetooth equipped devices.
Unique features: Cardo Systems says it’s the first headset to enable communication among four riders. The headset also provides multi-lingual status announcements, which are spoken in the ear announcements to tell users who or which device(s) they’re connected with.
MSRP: $279.99

Castle Sales Co.
Product: Ladies Quest Jacket
Booth No.: 225

Product Specifications: This jacket has a 5000 airquad nylon shell, pre-curved and rotated sleeves, removeable full sleeve quilted insolated liner, four easy-access pockets and a comfort flow mesh liner shell. It also features 360-degree reflective elements, molded armor in elbow and shoulder areas as well as a removeable back foam pad. It’s available in black and black/berry.
Unique features: It’s made specifically for women. The Quest jacket has a humax z-liner membrane, and it’s windproof, waterproof and breathable.
MSRP: $179.95

Continental Tire
Product: ContiMotion
Booth No.: 1413

Contact: 973/471-8890;
Product Specifications: Continental Tire significantly lowered the price on the ContiMotion. It’s targeted to serve the needs of sport bike as well as sport touring riders. High priority was placed, in particular, on good handling with ample feedback and a correspondingly strong feeling of safety on dry as well as wet roads.
Unique features: A newly formulated rubber compound with modified polymer chains exerts an especially favorable influence on the price/performance ratio. The O-degree steel belt ensures the stability, and the newly designed, force-direction-oriented tread pattern combines good mileage performance with water drainage.
MSRP: 110/70 ZR 17 54W TL $76; 120/60 ZR 17 (55W) TL $78; 120/70 ZR 17 (58W) TL $81; 150/70 ZR 17 69W TL $109; 160/60 ZR 17 (69W) TL $109; 170/60 ZR 17 (72W) TL $115; 180/55 ZR 17 (73W) TL $123; 190/50 ZR 17 (73W) TL $129


Curtis Industries
Product: RCS Cab System
Booth No.: 2311

Contact: 800/343-7676;
Product specifications: With its easy-on, easy-off system, the new ProSeries RCS cabs have the ability to transform vehicles from adventure-seeking trail riders to an all-inclusive outdoor, utility vehicle. RCS components are also lightweight so complete cab removal when the weather changes is only 60 seconds away.
Unique features: The new ProSeries RCS cab system is made from an advanced body panel technology using Thermoformed TPO material, not ABS plastic or fiberglass to offer superior low temperature impact resistance as well as high heat deflection for true dimension stability. Each cab also offers a specially treated, hard-coated polycarbonate windshield that is stronger than glass. These windshields are impact-resistant so they will withstand any debris encountered, resist scratching from wipers, and keep the riders protected from the elements.
MSRP: $3,199

Cycle Hitch
Product: Cycle Hitch
Booth No.: 5710

Contact: 480/483-2200;
Product specifications: This motorcycle towing system can be used with any vehicle.
Unique features: Cycle Hitch offers a 99-year guarantee. The towing system can be used by a single person and for any motorcycle. Cycle Hitch says with the system, the user can be ready to drive off in less than four minutes.
MSRP: $499.95

Cycle Trader
Product: Cycle Trader iPhone Application
Booth No.: 3448

Contact: 866/476-3022;
Product specifications: Powersports enthusiasts can now shop’s inventory of more than 140,000 vehicles from their iPhone by using the Cycle Trader iPhone Application. The free application can be downloaded from the lifestyle section of the iTunes Store by searching the key phrase “Cycle Trader.”
Unique features: The Cycle Trader application is a GPS-sensitive search and retrieval tool to help shoppers quickly and conveniently find powersports listings and access the 1,200 members of the Cycle Trader dealer network. Users may search the database by zip code or current location and use enhanced search parameters such as category and type, new or used condition, price range and model year. Search results show multiple vehicle and dealer locations on enhanced Google maps along with driving directions to each. Individual vehicle listings provide detailed descriptions, seller contact information, and multiple photos and YouTube video when available. Users may then view the vehicle location on a map, e-mail or call the seller, e-mail the listing to a friend, or add the vehicle to a “wish list.” The application also saves recent searches and vehicles viewed for easy retrieval at a later time.

Product: Riderseye
Booth No.: W210

Contact: 800/815-3639;
Product specifications: The Riderseye GPS is an all-digital, full-featured GPS location device with no additional external antennas. With Riderseye, the user can locate his or her vehicle 24/7. It provides the user with latitude, longitude and street address on a map anywhere in North America within a minute of requesting a location.
Unique features: A typical motorcycle battery will allow the device to stay on and communicate with the network for approximately 30 days before the motorcycle battery requires a complete charge. If the vehicle should be moved without the key being turned on, then the system will alert the customer through text message and e-mail.
MSRP: $495

EVS Sports
Product: RS8 Knee Brace
Booth No.: 2645

Contact: 888/873-8423;
Product specifications: This knee brace is right and left specific. It’s available in small, medium, large and extra large. It’s sold individually or in pairs. It features TrueMotion 2.0 anatomically correct hinge, ClickTec quick release buckle system, DrySuede comfort liner and dual defense total track patella guard.
Unique features: EVS Sports says the RS8 knee brace is the most comfortable and lightest full flexion knee brace due to its innovative injection molded, high-impact propylene shells. It’s comfortable because of its ventilated construction, which allows for more airflow.
MSRP: $225 each; $395 pair

F2P Technologies
Product: Flash2Pass Transmitter
Booth No.: 4804

Contact: 540/885-0095;
Product Specifications: Flash2Pass is an integrated garage door opener that’s activated by the headlight high beam switch. The new transmitter is 45 percent smaller than the previous unit. It will work with past, present and future Flash2Pass products. Each receiver can accommodate up to six transmitters, for multiple bikes, cars, etc.
Unique features: With the smaller package, the transmitter will fit into even smaller spaces (i.e. headlight buckets) than the original transmitter.
MSRP: Full set (receiver and transmitter) $79.95; transmitter separately is $34.95

Galt Enterprises
Product: Dealership Academy
Booth No.: 3237

Contact: 904/742-3080;
Product Specifications: Both online (on-demand) and live training for every department of the dealership. Galt Enterprises’ faculty includes Peter Jones, Jim Rasmus of Retail Design Associates and 50 Below and Steve Sowden (DOUBLE CHECK NAMES AND TITLES). Every department is trained by experts around the industry.
Unique features: Galt Enterprises says it’s the only F&I product provider capable of providing dealers 24/7 support for each and every department of the dealership. It’s also the only training source with a diverse group of industry experts providing such training.
MSRP: $179 per month

Genuine Scooter Company
Product: 2010 Stella – 4-stroke
Booth No.: 3111
Contact: 877/697-8355;
Product specifications: All metal body, clean 150cc four-stroke motor, four-speed manual transmission and whitewall tires.
Unique features: The 2010 Stella now has a clean, torque four-stroke motor that provides 55-plus mph top speed and 140-plus mpg.
MSRP: To be determined

Product: Re-Settable Hour Meter
Booth No.: 1239
Contact: 805/581-4700;
Product specifications: This meter helps riders keep track of their maintenance schedules for four-stroke dirt bike and ATV engines. At five hours the meter will flash a service alert to clean the air filter. At 10 hours of use, a service alert flashes to change the oil. At 20 hours, the meter will flash a valve service alert. The meter will count down remaining time left before each service is due. All these service alerts are re-settable with a touch of a button.
Unique features: The meter includes a total hours accumulated mode that can’t be reset. To track individual running sessions, there is a timer event mode that is erasable. Hardline’s patented one-wire hook up makes it easy to start a maintenance schedule. There is no power or ground wiring required. The meter works with pencil and stick-type coils or earlier generation ignitions. The meter features a larger display that is easy to read and an epoxy-encapsulated housing that makes the unit waterproof and shock resistant.
MSRP: $49.99

Tour Master from Helmet House
Product: Centurion Textile Suit
Booth No.: 3305

Contact: 800/421-7247;,
Product Specifications: The Tour Master Centurion suit is a fully-featured one-piece riding suit. It offers exclusive features, including the Aqua-Barrier under-helmet hood, which aims to eliminate seepage in the collar area. The hood easily stows in a hidden collar pocket. The 600 denier Carbolex shell has 1680 denier ballistic polyester panels in the shoulders, forearms and knees. The waterproof and breathable Rainguard® barrier allows rain protection without perspiration buildup. It also features a removable neck gaiter that seals the neck area from wind and cold, and the collar anchor tab eliminates flapping while collar is open. Other feature include waterproof zippered 3-position shoulder vents combined with chest vents, adjustable under-sleeve vents, thigh vents, rear exhaust vents and the Pipeline Ventilation System to provide flow-through ventilation.
Unique features: The suit has a collar to knee-length main zipper closure with dual wind flap seals out the elements, phoslite dark reflective piping, wide strips across the back, and Tour Master’s signature reflective rear triangle increase nighttime visibility. Tour Master says the fleece lined collar and cuffs are soft, yet durable, and the adjustable sleeve take-up straps at the forearm and bicep help secure elbow armor and material. The suit also has removable, CE approved armor at the elbows, shoulders and knees with an articulated triple density back protector. It features vertical zippered chest map pockets, zippered hand warmer pockets, a zippered sleeve key pocket and flap closures bellow thigh pockets. Lastly, the suit has adjustable waist belts, with TPR pulls that help fine-tune the fit.
MSRP: $369.99

HiPer Technology
Product: CFI-A
Booth No.:

Product specifications: These wheels are available in 10-inch front and 8-, 9- and 10-inch rear wheels in non-beadlock and single-beadlock versions. All CFI-A’s are repairable, upgradeable two-piece modular designs.
Unique features: HIper Technology says the CFI-A is two times tougher than 6061-T6 aluminum race wheels at a reduced cost.
MSRP: $109.99 for non beadlock; $149.99 single beadlock.

iMC Motorcom
Product: HS-500 iPhone/Smartphone Motorcycle Headset
Booth No.: 3825

Contact: 800/560-0613;
Product specifications: The HS-500 allows motorcycle riders to utilize the phone and music functions of their Apple iPhone and other 3.5 mm (standard stereo headset jack) equipped cell phones, including the Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm. The HS-500 features dual slim stereo speakers, microphone and handlebar-mounted control button. The HS-500 will be available in mid-October at motorcycle dealers already stocking iMC Motorcom products. It has a two-year warranty.
Unique features: The directional noise–canceling microphone gives riders the option of communicating clearly with people who need to reach them on the road. The handlebar-mounted control button allows riders to take and end phone calls, play or pause music, and even advance and rewind tracks on their iPhone.
MSRP: $68

Kolpin Powersports
Product: Kolpin Power Pod
Booth No.: 2233

Contact: 877-9KOLPIN;
Product specifications: The Kolpin Power Pod provides additional electrical ports to enable the use of multiple electrical accessories on ATVs and UTVs, including winches, extra lights, Dirtworks, spreader or cell phone charger.
Unique features: The central control pod allows the user to select the front or rear accessories and control it from a central location. Kolpin says there is no other power accessory available for both ATVs and UTVs that allows this versatility and control.
MSRP: $57.49-$172.49

Leader Motorcycle Accessories
Product: eCaddy Deluxe GPS and iPod/iPhone Mounting Kits
Booth No.: W213

Contact: 763/535-1440;
Product Specifications: Each kit contains a chrome mount (five styles available); UltraTilt for directional flexibility; and a custom-shaped cradle to grip riders’ GPS/iPod/iPhone securely. The UltraTilt gives the kit nearly unlimited flexibility. Fitments include Garmin, Tom Tom and Magellan GPS as well as iPod and iPhone (all models).
Unique features: All hardware is machined aluminum and then chrome plated, and made in the United States. With the proliferation of GPS and iPod/iPhones, the consumer (and dealers) can sometimes feel intimidated by what they may view as a complex process. These kits solve that problem. All the customer needs to know is what model GPS or iPod/iPhone he/she has and all they need to install it is an allan wrench.
MSRP: $104.99-$124.99

Product: Underbody exhaust
Booth No.:

Product specifications: This new LeoVince Sottoscocca or “underbody” exhaust has been built to specifically address the need for a better fitting and more efficient silencer system that will fit in the confined space underneath a motorcycles engine and chassis. The carbon fiber end-cap is designed with a side exit that could be made from either the left or right or both if the bike necessitates that. Because of its underbody design, the exhaust fits tightly near the rear wheel so the carbon end-cap also serves as a heat shield to prevent unnecessary heat transfer to the rear tire.
Unique features: The exhaust will be made available as a slip-on and in some fitments a full system also will be offered. The exhaust is constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and then sand blasted to give a “titanium look” finish. Initial U.S. fitments will include the KTM 690 Duke and the Kawasaki ER 6N. Look for this new design to be available early this year.
MSRP: $499.99

Enchantment Motor Sports, Love Handles Division
Product: Love Handles
Booth No.: 6349

Contact: 505/414-9676;
Product Specifications: Love Handles Motorcycle Armrests are constructed in the United States with materials including chromed steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and the same highly durable, weather-resistant synthetic leather found on the best motorcycle seats. Love Handles attach to the sissy bars found on many Harley-Davidsons, metric cruisers and trikes. To install, remove the pad from the sissy bar, secure the brackets on the sissy bar, mount Love Handles and adjust for height, then replace the pad.
Unique features: Love Handles Motorcycle Armrests are uniquely designed to help make motorcycle passengers feel more relaxed by giving them something solid and secure (but padded and comfortable) to hold onto. When the passenger feels more relaxed, he or she can comfortably lean with the rider during a turn. If the wind gets gusty or the road gets bumpy Love Handles gives passengers an extra sense of security. The company’s proprietary release system allows armrests to pivot outward for easy-on, easy-off seating, or just pivot the armrests 180 degrees for an extra luggage carrier designed for lightweight gear.
MSRP: $329

Marshall Distributing
Product: Zoan Z990 Defender Full Face Cycle Helmet
Booth No.: 849

Contact: 800/248-0136;
Product Specifications: This helmet is DOT and ECE 22.5 approved. It has thermosplastic composite construction for added fit and strength. The interior has advanced EPS in the head, lateral cheek and frontal area. The wildness graphic has matching graphic printed interior. The helmet also features a vented chin curtain, tooless removal, dark tint inner sun shield. Marshall says it has a large jaw and forehead intake vent with four exhaust vents for added comfort.
Unique features: Some unique features of Zoan helmets are one-touch push button venting and printed interiors that match the shell graphics.
MSRP: $129.95-$149.95

MSD Powersports
Product: Charge Enhancer for Kawasaki 750 Fl 2009-2010
Booth No.: 5147

Contact: 915/858-3365;
Product Specifications: The Charge Enhancer is a direct plug-n-play system that installs in less than 10 minutes. Key features include fully sealed controller, low speed limiting curve, increased vehicle speed, adjustable fuel and ignition for an engine modifications, overrides reverse rev-limiter and fully programmable via the supplied MSD View software.
Unique features: The Charge Enhancer for the Teryx 750 Fl is an all in one unit and is fully programmable via the supplied software. This allows the user to program a fuel and ignition curve, vehicle speed and rev-limiter for any modification.
MSRP: $455.50

Nelson-Rigg USA
Product: CL and SLR Series – Triple Threat Mounting System
Booth No.:

Contact: 714/850-1811;;
Product Specifications: This line of motorcycle luggage offers each bag multiple quick-release mounting systems to fit a variety of bikes, different mounting methods and the ever changing riders’ needs. One bag can now be used as a strap mount tank bag, magnetic mount tank bag and a tail pack. This is also a key feature for dealers not to tie up dollars in different variations of the same bag.
Unique features: Each bag comes with its own standard mounting system. Tank bags include strap mount and tail packs with a strap and hook mount. The triple Threat Mounting System offers mounting kits for further mounting options of the same bag. The MAG-MT-10 has four magnets that mount to all metal tanks. The TLPK-MT-20 has nylon hooks with adjustable non-stretch webbing for tail mounting, and the STP-MT-40 has a four-point strap system that allows mounting to tanks of all shapes and sizes.
MSRP: Starting at $69.95
Product: Universal Scooter Stereo System
Booth No.: 5521
Contact: 727/347-1661;

Product specifications: The stereo system has a convex mirror set with internal mid-range speakers, removable tweeter pods and underseat subwoofer. It’s weather-resistant and audible up to 65 mph. The system is available in black and chrome.
Unique features: says it’s the only full-range, weather resistant scooter sound system on the market with three-way sound (highs, mids and a subwoofer) with a low draw amp that will provide quality sound. It won’t negativity impact a scooter’s charging system. The mirrors themselves feature LED turn signals built into the backs of the mirrors and an anti-glare blue coloring to the glass with a convex edge for a greater field of view.
MSRP: $199.99

Performance Machine
Product: The Element Wheel
Booth No.: 1419
Contact: 714/523-3000;

Product Specifications: The Element features five spokes with deeply engraved lines originating from the hub that reach all the way to the rim lip. The Element is offered with matching discs and sprockets.
Unique features: Performance machine says the directional nature of the spokes creates a semblance of speed. The Element is also available in contrast cut platinum.
MSRP: Starts at $1,199.95

Powersports Network
Product: Find A Model SmartForm
Booth No.: 3104
Contact: 800/556-0314;

Product specifications: The Find A Model SmartForm will capture information from customers who can’t find the model they’re looking for within the dealer’s listed inventory. The form will feed into the dealer’s lead management system for easier follow up. The form is designed for both the dealer’s brand new mobile-friendly interface and standard Web site.
Unique features: Customers can quickly and easily contact a dealer regarding a model of interest that may not currently be listed on the dealer’s site. The form will feed into the dealer’s contact database and lead management program for follow up. The dealer can then start a dialogue with the customer and aid that customer in finding the model or a suitable alternative. Dealers will also be able to search and print out all Find A Model SmartForm leads for use at a vehicle auction or other event.
MSRP: Free to PSN dealers

Pro Filter
Product: Pro Filter Ready-to-use
Booth No.: 1351
Contact: 619/449-5000;

Product specifications: Dual stage, open-pore, foam air filter features 6mm outer and 10mm inner foams and a plush 13mm sealing foam. All air filters come with a rubber grommet and are pre-oiled with maxima FFT.
Unique features: Pro Filter is unique in that it eliminates the task of cleaning and oiling your air filter. Simply unpack with provided gloves, install and ride.
MSRP: $9.95

Progressive Suspension
Product: Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit
Booth No.: 133
Contact: 877/690-7411;

Product Specifications: True high performance front suspension has finally made its way to the HD Touring line. Progressive Suspension’s Monotube Fork Kit represents the pinnacle of bagger front end handling. High performance specialty components replace the sloppy open bath damping found in HD forks. The kit features a set of gas charged Monotube dampers and a set of custom tuned fork springs
Unique features: Progressive Suspension says monotube style damping improves ride comfort, resistance to front brake dive as well as improving front end stability, cornering and bottoming control. The kit fits 1997 through 2010 HD Touring model forks and replaces all of the internal parts. It converts dual Damper rod and Damper rod/cartridge forks found on 2002-2005 models, to true high performance Monotube damping. No mods are required.
MSRP: $339.95

Quad Boss
Product: Quad Boss Boom Bag Upgrade Kit
Booth No.: 509 Main Hall
Contact: 800/347-1010;

Product Specifications: This is a soft-sided sound system upgrade that is an option to the larger hard sided boxes. The Boom Bag Upgrade Kit is for the zipperless, oversized bag, which allows the rider to replace the removable cooler on the front of the oversized bag with a Cycle Sounds sound system. The system includes waterproof 5 ¼-inch 200 watt speakers, distortion free (less that 1 percent) 50 watt 2 channel digital amplifier, which puts out more than 100db.
Unique features: Digital amp produces no heat and powers down automatically when an iPod or mp3 player is not attached so the rider doesn’t have to worry about battery drain. No cooler space is sacrificed when the upgrade kit is added because the upgrade includes a removable cooler that can be stored in the main compartment.
MSRP: $299.99

Show Chrome Accessories
Product: Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System
Booth No.: 625
Contact: 800/826-2411;

Product specifications: The Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System is for two-wheel motorcycle, three-wheel trike or four-wheel bike/trailer configuration.
Unique features: It has a user-friendly graphic interface, anti-theft sensors, real-time tire temperature and pressure updates as well as minimum and maximum settings to alert the rider of changes. Sensor battery life is 1-2 years. The company says it takes three minutes for installation.
MSRP: Starting at $199.99

SofTek Software Intl./nizeX
Product: LIZZY 2.0
Booth No.: 3905
Contact: 678/359-4187;

Product Specifications: LIZZY 2.0 is a dealer management system with an integrated general ledger, customer relationship management (CRM), payroll, financing, Web store/e-commerce integration, Text/SMS messaging notifications and WebPhone/PDA capabilities. LIZZY offers a built-in, secure e-mail client and chat system. It also has multi-store functionality and multi-lingual options.
Unique features: LIZZY is the first Internet based DMS system requiring no software to install, providing total customer access to real-time data from any Internet capable device. This allows a cost-effective entry point combined with minimal technical support by eliminating specific hardware or operating system requirements. This functionality provides the customer the ability to check the status of their own orders, unit repairs and purchase history with their iPhone or Blackberry.
MSRP: $35 per user per module

Product: Spectro SX Filter Cleaner
Booth No.: 3225
Contact: 203/775-1291;

Product specifications: Spectro SX Filter Cleaner is an agent that picks up and sucks away water-soluble grease and oil. It leaves filters squeaky clean.
Unique features: Works in a bucket of warm water. There are no fumes or flame hazards.
MSRP: $9.75

Product: Detachable Fairing
Booth No.: 759
Contact: 763/712-3965;

Product specifications: Sportech’s new fairing is custom thermoformed from premium TPO plastic, which provides consistent tolerances with controlled shrinkage so each part comes out identical to the original design. The outer shell is painted with high-gloss, automotive-style base coat and clear coat in deep black.
Unique features: The Sportech fairing ships assembled complete with inner/outer shell, a 3-inch black widescreen, heavy-gauge powder-coated steel mounting brackets and all necessary hardware and mounting instructions. The fairing brackets mount directly to the stock windshield mounting points on the bike. Certain applications require an additional adapter kit, which is sold separately.
MSRP: $599.95; fairing adapter kits starting at $49.95

Product: StarTron
Booth No.: W410
Contact: 954/587-6280;
Product specifications: This is a new powersports version of Starbrite’s enzyme-based fuel additive. StarTron stabilizes fuel, improves fuel quality and cures many of the problems caused by ethanol-blended fuel.
Unique features: It’s the only fuel additive that uses enzyme technology, according to Starbrite. It’s also the only fuel additive that actually improves fuel quality to make engines perform better.
MSRP: $7.99

Streetbike Sounds
Product: Sportbike Amplified Speaker System
Booth No.: 5324
Contact: 866/427-2346;

Product specifications: From the makers of Cycle Sounds, this system has been engineered to hold up to the powersport environment and is manufactured to marine grade standards. The new Amplified Sportbike Speaker System features low-profile, 2-inch bullet speakers and mini amplifier that are easy to conceal on most bikes.
Unique features: Once installation is complete, connect the mp3 player, Satellite Radio or music enabled phone with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
MSRP: $299.95 black; $334.95 chrome

Product: Force Protector
Booth No.: 1327
Contact: 619/448-8467;

Product Specifications: The Force Protector offers extensive coverage without restricting movement. Utilizing fully articulating front and back panels that naturally adjust to fit the contours of the rider’s torso, Thor says it created the most comfortable roost guard its ever produced. Removable shoulder caps provide clearance for neck brace compatibility. The integrated ventilation system with oversized intake port on the chest panel lets air in, but keeps roost out, and the ratchet-style closure system allows for precise fitment.
Unique features: The Force Protector’s fully articulating front and back panels adjust specifically to fit the rider’s exact body shape. Removable shoulder caps allow compatibility with many neck brace systems. The protector also features removable arm guards, anatomically correct design, ratchet buckle closure system, triple-layer back protection and adjustable shoulder straps allow chest and back panels to be raised and lowered. Thor boasts the protector has injection molded durable polycarbonate and polypropylene chassis, an integrated venting system and exclusive aquacoat graphic application (Illusion only). It’s available in rubatone black, black/silver, blue/white, illusion and red/black.
MSRP: $149.95-$189-95

UTV Tech
Product: RZR Lockable Storage Trunk
Contact: 208/522-1301;
Booth No.: 2516
Product Specifications: Made of aluminum, the storage trunk is powder coated black for a matching appearance to the roll cage and bed. It has a storage capacity of 4.8 cubic feet. Works with the Polaris RZR and RZR-S. Mounts using the stock bed tie down hardware.
Unique features: The lid is a locking mechanism that is activated by closing the top.
MSRP: $495

Vance & Hines
Product: Ti Pro Slip-on
Booth No.: 941

Contact: 562/921-7461;
Product Specifications: The new Titanium Pro Slip-ons for the dirt marketpalace are designed for the racer, 94dB race ready out of the box on the most popular 450 and 250 applications from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Unique features: There are optional headers for the dealers/customers to purchase.
MSRP: $499

Warn Industries
Product: Dual Batter Control Kit
Booth No.: 2615

Contact: 800/543-9276;
Product Specifications: The kit is engineered specifically to give maximum power during winch power in. It’s for use with 12-volt accessories, such as winches, lights and stereos. It’s designed to be used with a 12-volt DC magnet or alternator charging systems. The kit includes all the necessary hardware to install, but the second battery is not included.
Unique features: The kit allows riders to use two batteries on their ATV/UTV, but it saves the main battery for essential functions, such as starting. It also minimizes charging system overload. If both batteries need charging, the main battery is charged first.
MSRP: $269

Weffo Performance
Product: SC 50.1
Booth No.:
Contact: 678/849-9465;
Product specifications: The SC 50.1 is the first aftermarket supercharger designed specifically for scooters. It’s designed to work on the pervasive QMB-139 engine platform, but will be adapted to other engines throughout 2010.
Unique features: Initial versions will fit 49cc four-stroke engines. Later versions will fit 125/150 6Y6 engines and up.
MSRP: $495

Wiseco Performance Products
Product: Fuel Management Controllers for Dirt Bikes
Booth No.: 1301
Contact: 440/951-6600;

Product Specifications: With the push of a button, riders can easily adjust fuel delivery for modifications like high compression pistons, cams, intake and exhaust to fine tune their bikes.
Unique features: It offers three basic zones of operation, similar to a carburetor. One zone sets the ‘pilot jet’ for idle and cruise. Another zone sets the ‘needle jet’ for acceleration and a third zone sets the ‘main jet’ for heavy loading and wide open throttle. Easily add or subtract fuel beyond stock settings. Pull over, change the settings and be off on the track again. No need for computer or dynos.
MSRP: $299.98

Yuasa Batteries
Product: GYZ series batteries
Booth No.: 1451

Contact: 866/431-4784;
Product Specifications: Yuasa Batteries introduces the next generation of powersport batteries, the GYZ20L and GYZ20HL. The new VRLA GYZ series batteries have the same physical footprint as the YTX series, but with enhanced performance features.
Unique features: The GYZ series batteries have heavier and thicker plates, special electrolyte and heavy-duty terminals. These factory-activated batteries offer higher reserve capacity, improved charge recovery time, increased amp hour capacity and longer life to reduce warranty claims.

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