May 12, 2008: Daily, weekly and monthly sales manager agendas

These articles recap some of the opportunities uncovered by Gart Sutton & Associates’ powersports specialists during consulting visits.
These are followed by recommended actions that address the issues. Our goal is to provide ideas to help improve your dealership.
Dealership Details
This older, large, multi-line dealership is located in a southern town of 50,000 people. Because of its strong reputation, the dealership draws business from several rural towns and a city of 200,000, located almost 80 miles away. They had been a high-volume, low-profit operation for many years. As economic situations changed, they were forced to modify their business model or risk losing their dealership. Although still a bit light on margin, they have successfully changed to a more profit-oriented structure. They are still doing a volume of more than 2,500 units per year.
Gart Sutton & Associates’ consultants were called in to help them improve the store’s processes and profitability in every department. This series began last issue by looking at the sales department. This issue provides recommended actions on improving that department.
The following are daily, weekly and monthly actions to help the general sales manager and team leaders grow in their positions, leading to improved the sales department’s performance.
Daily Management Actions

  • Utilize 15 minutes of planning time every day. List all tasks that need to be accomplished today. Prioritize your task list by urgency.
  • Conduct daily huddles with the sales staff. Discuss what happened yesterday, what is happening today and what to expect tomorrow.
  • Conduct one-on-ones with each salesperson. Review the Prospect Logs to ensure the staff contacts six-eight prospects per day, per salesperson.
  • Ensure each salesperson is getting one confirmed appointment per day.
  • Divide the showroom floor into sections and make each salesperson responsible for cleaning bikes in those sections.
  • Ensure all sales personnel are following a sales process. Provide coaching whenever there is an opportunity.
  • Monitor and reinforce the use of the Customer Path process by all departments in the dealership. Monitor this with a tracking report.
  • The general sales manager and team leaders must be on the showroom floor 80 percent of the time in order to properly manage and improve the sales force.
  • Walk the inventory every day. Determine what new or pre-owned units need to be redisplayed on the showroom floor.
  • Print three copies of the deal profitability report for all closed deals; one copy for the general sales manager, one for the general manager and one for the deal jacket.
  • Run total sold units report.
    Weekly Management Actions

  • Participate in weekly manager meetings. Discuss programs and events and review the Customer Path Tracking Report. Develop plans to reduce the number of customers who do not complete the path.
  • Conduct weekly sales meetings with sales and F&I staff. Include recognition, motivation and training on product or the sales process. Use role-play activities whenever possible.
  • Run an inventory report to check on aged inventory. Develop programs to dispose of this inventory quickly.
  • Update committed and available inventory copies and provide to sales staff during weekly meetings.
  • Inspect and maintain proper vehicle product mix on the floor. Ensure all product categories are represented.
  • Review Internet for incoming vehicles and units on the ground.
  • Review monthly sales goal status with individual sales and F&I team members. Provide coaching and/or counseling as needed to ensure goals are attained.
  • Ensure all follow-up after the sale is being completed: including 24-hour follow-up call (determine satisfaction/ask for referrals); 10-day thank-you letters being sent (ask for referrals); 30-day thank-you letters being sent (discuss CSI surveys/ask for referrals).
    Monthly Management Actions

  • Develop and present the monthly goals for the sales and F&I staff.
  • Review the previous month’s goal status with each team member individually. Provide coaching/counseling as necessary.
  • Verify the quarterly follow-up phone call is being made to all sold customers.
    n Review the vehicle sales ordering process to ensure correct and timely product ordering.

  • Review showroom staffing requirements in relation to sales and F&I performance.
    These are the core essentials for a team leader/general sales manager.
    The general sales manager understands he must hold the team leaders responsible, and they must hold the sales staff accountable for goals.

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