Japanese motorcycle exports grow slightly in Nov. 2013

Continuing a trend of minimal growth with occasional monthly declines, Japanese motorcycle exports increased slightly in November 2013 as compared with the same month of the previous year, according to the latest data from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

Total motorcycle exports from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha collectively increased by 881 units, resulting in growth of 2.3 percent. Overall motorcycle production in Japan was recorded as 52,541, which represents an increase of 7,156 units or 15.8 percent. November’s data marks the third month of consecutive same-month increases.

Broken down by displacement segment, all categories aside from the 126 to 250cc category showed export declines. The 50cc and under class was down 9.5 percent (55 fewer units exported). The 51 to 125cc class was down 18.4 percent (548 units), while 126 to 250cc increased an even 50 percent (2,073 units) and the over 250cc class exported 1.9 percent fewer motorcycles (589 units).

By manufacturer, Yamaha and Kawasaki were the strongest, with November 2013 exports 34.1 and 23.1 percent higher for the month. Suzuki’s drop was most severe, exporting only 66.2 percent of the total from the previous November.

Regionally, exports rose sharply to the Middle East, up 118.1 percent (but only 434 additional units) while also increasing across Europe (up 30.9 percent), Latin America (20.4 percent) and Africa (15.2 percent).

November motorcycle production figures showed that the 50cc and under class was up 17.9 percent, while 51 to 125cc units grew by 38.6 percent. The 126 to 250cc category grew by 25.98 percent and the over 250cc category jumped by 3,679 units, or 11.8 percent.

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